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Having a great internet connection is not enough for online gaming. You also need to have the best Ethernet cable for Gaming to have low latency and better speed.

In this buyer’s guide, you will find which Ethernet cable is best suitable for online Gaming. Also, we have added the great deals for you to buy the best Ethernet cable in 2024.

Do you play online games or multiplayer games on your home network? You must have encountered latency issues every now and then. Especially, while playing those games which need heavy online streaming and split-second response.

You must be wondering, that in the age of wireless connectivity, why are we talking about Ethernet cables? The reason is that Wi-Fi (which mostly works fine) is quite vulnerable to congestion and have awful latency during heavy data games.

I am sure you don’t want that, do you?

To avoid lagging behind in those gaming tournaments and loosing to your annoying siblings, you need to get a fastest Ethernet cable for gaming that will provide the much-needed performance.

Now, the next big questions arise – What is the best gaming Ethernet cable? What should be the ideal bandwidth and speed? Don’t worry. You will find all the answers further in this article. Before that, have a look at the best Ethernet cables for gaming you can buy in 2024.

Top Picks – Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

We invested hours in researching and testing many Ethernet cables available in the market on the basis of their speed, bandwidth, durability (and budget of course!). After all the hard work, we found these Ethernet Cables best suitable for gaming and streaming.

BrandSpeed / BandwidthLatest Price on Amazon
Cable Matters 160021 Cat610GBps / 550MHzCheck Price
Mediabridge Cat610GBps / 550MHzCheck Price
Vandesail Cat7 High Speed10GBps / 1000MHzCheck Price
Jadaol Shielded Cat710GBps / 600MHzCheck Price
TNP Cat7 Cable10GBps / 600MHzCheck Price
AmazonBasics Cat61GBps / 250MHzCheck Price
CableMonsta Cat61GBps / 250MHzCheck Price
RiteAV Cat6 Cable1GBps / 250MHzCheck Price
GLANICS Cat8 Ethernet Cable1GBps / 250MHzCheck Price
GearIT Cat5e Ethernet Cable1GBps / 250MHzCheck Price

1. Cable Matters 160021 Ethernet Cable

Cable Matters 160021 - Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

✅ Lightning Fast 10GBps speed
✅ 550MHz Bandwidth
✅ Snagless
❌Priced comparatively Higher
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Cable Matters Cat6 Ethernet Cable is the top performing ethernet patch cable that provides universal connectivity. With speed of up to 10GBps and a file transfer rate of 550 MHz, Cable Matters 160021 is definitely a great choice for gamers. Such high speeds will ensure you experience of almost zero latency, which is not really possible with a wireless connection.

Also, it is a UL code 444 compliant cable and 100% bare copper is used to make the wiring. So, you can definitely expect safety and high speed even when you have long hours of gaming sessions.

Another feature worth mentioning is that Cable Matters 160021 is a snag less Ethernet cable that means it comes with a flap protector for the connectors allowing multiple insertion cycles.

If there are a lot of computers in your LAN and you generally get confused which one goes where, then this Ethernet cable can solve your problem as it comes in 5 different colors.

2. Mediabridge Cat6 – Fastest Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Mediabridge Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable (25 Feet) - RJ45 Computer Networking Cord - Blue

✅ Cat5e with 10GBps
✅ Compatible with Cat6
✅ 550MHz
❌ Co-axial cable

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Mediabridge is a well-known brand providing a connectivity solution for years. The second one in our list of best Ethernet cables of 2024 is Mediabridge Cat6 Ethernet Cable.

Though Cat7 is a better technology, Mediabridge’s Cat 6 cable gives strong competition to them. What makes Mediabridge Cat6 superior is that it uses an RJ45 connector that can be used in Cat5e as well as Cat6 ports.

The advantage that this Ethernet cable gives you is that you do NOT have to upgrade the whole network because of the cross-network compatibility.

Let me tell you that it is rated as the fastest Cat6 Ethernet cable for gaming in the market. Mediabridge Cat6 Ethernet cable supports network speed of 10Gb (10 times faster than ordinary Cat5e cable). The data transfer rate is also 550MHz which is good enough to feed your gaming needs!

You will get RJ45 snagless connector and gold-plated contacts that ensure the good quality lag-free performance. The cable is also quite sturdy and fairly flexible too.

3. Vandesail Cat7 – Best Ethernet cable for PS4

Vandesail Cat7 ethernet cable✅ Cat7 with 10GBps
✅ 1000MHz bandwidth
✅ Gold Plated RJ45 Connector
✅ Flat Cord
❌ Expensive
❌ No Backward Compatibility

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The Cat7 Ethernet cables are aimed to provide top-notch data transfer rate and minimum latency. Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet cable is the best in its category and most suitable for gamers like you.

Talking about the technical specifications, Vandesail Cat7 offers a whooping 10GBps network speed at an incredible data transfer rate of 1000MHz, higher than any other cable on our list of best Ethernet cables of 2024.

While playing multiplayer online games over this Ethernet cable, you need not to worry about network lags at all. It is reliable, accurate and does not have any issue of RFI or EMI interference because of gold-shielded RJ45 connectors.

Vandesail Cat7 ethernet cable is manufactured keeping gaming in mind that’s why it is compatible with almost all gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One, PS3. Moreover, if you are looking for an Ethernet cable for PS4 then without a doubt we recommend this Ethernet cable as the best Ethernet cable for PS4.

The only downside of this ethernet cable is that it can be a bit costly and not all home network devices are generally Cat7 compatible. Using this cable on a Cat6 network is definitely going to be counterproductive.

4. Jadaol Shielded Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable

jadaol Cat7 Ethernet Cable

✅ Cat7 with 10Gbps
✅ 600 Mhz bandwidth
✅ Compatible with Cat6, Cat5e, Cat5
✅ Gold Plated RJ45 Snagless Connector
✅ Flat Design
❌ Expensive Comparatively

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Jadaol’s Cat7 shielded flat ethernet cable stands on the fourth place on our list of best ethernet cable for gaming in 2019. This cable is the best choice for gamers who want to make a permanent gaming network at their homes without having to upgrade the whole network.

It offers a lightning-fast network speed of 10GBps and a bandwidth of 600MHz. I can guarantee you will see a huge difference in your gaming experience with this cable (I was actually shocked!).

The best part about this cable is, unlike the Vandesail Cat7 cable, this one is backward compatible with Cat6A, Cat6, Cat5e and Cat5 too.

Talking about the RJ45 connectors, the contact pins are gold plated (50 microns) providing high quality and shielding.

With 4 twisted pairs and snagless connectors, you can rely on this ethernet cable without a doubt. The flat design allows it to easily run under the rugs or along the corners of the walls providing longer life.

5. TNP Cat 7 – Best Ethernet cable for Xbox One

TNP Cat7 - Ethernet Cable for Xbox One

✅ Cat 7 with 10GBps @ 600MHz
✅ Compatible with all Game Consoles
✅ Gold Plated Snagless Connector
❌ Expensive
❌ Only Black/White

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TNP provides another Cat7 ethernet cable for gaming with almost all the advanced features necessary to up your online gaming experience.

Talking about features, TNP Cat7 Ethernet cable offers the highest network speed of 10 Gbps and a bandwidth of 600 MHz which is one of the best in class. This ensures high data transfer speed allowing you to play all the heavy online games like DOTA etc.

Unlike other Cat7 cables, this ethernet cable is compatible with everything that can connect with RJ45 connector; be it PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Macbook, Laptops and even TVs too.

It is also compatible with Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. I don’t think now you need any compatibility proofs. 😛

The performance during games is above par thanks to gold plated RJ45 snagless connectors ensuring error-free signal transfer.

Well, everything comes at a cost, and that’s this ethernet cable is comparatively expensive i.e. the only negative point I can quote about it.

6. Amazon Basics Cat6 Ethernet Cable

AmazonBasics Cat6 Ethernet Cable

✅ Cat6 @ 1Gbps
✅ Inexpensive
✅ 1 Year AmazonBasics Warranty
❌ Lesser Bandwidth
❌ Only Black Color

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Amazon Basics is a brand of Amazon itself selling a lot of quality tech products online for comparatively lesser prices. One of those is the ethernet cable for gaming – AmazonBasics Cat6 cable – which comes handy when you want to convert your home LAN into a high-speed gaming network.

You can expect a reliable and uninterrupted network connection at a data transfer speed of 1GBps. It is definitely a great option over a regular Wi-Fi connection. Having an RJ45 connector, it gives cross-network connectivity too.

Amazon Basics Cat6 comes in five different lengths but the only black color is available.

The best part is the price lesser than 1-year Amazon Basics warranty, so you don’t need to worry while using this ethernet cable for gaming.

7. CableMonsta Cat6 Ethernet Cable for PC Gaming

CableMonsta Cat6 Ethernet cable

✅ Cat6 with 1GBps
✅ Gold Plated RJ45 Connector
✅ Flat Cord
✅ Free Accessories
✅ Lifetime Guarantee
❌ Lesser Bandwidth
❌ Only Black/White

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CableMonsta is another good choice when it comes to cheaper ethernet cable for gaming. And that is the reason for including this option in our list of best ethernet cable for you!

CableMonsta Cat6 ethernet cable offers an average network speed of 1GBps which is enough for medium to heavy online games. Made with 100% bare copper ensures a constant bandwidth of 250MHz.

The RJ45 connector of this ethernet cable is 50-micron gold-plated ensuring lesser interference and better quality. It has a flat design (which I personally prefer over co-ax, learn more about difference between flat and Round Ethernet Cable) making is tangle free, easy to use and store too.

One benefit that you won’t get in any other ethernet cable on the list is that Cable Monsta provides a Lifetime Guarantee for free replacement or full refund! Now, that’s a big offer, right? 😛


8. RiteAV Cat6 Ethernet Cable

RiteAV Cat6 Ethernet cable

✅ Cat6 with 1GBps speed
✅ Backward Compatibility
✅ Budget Friendly
❌ Co-axial Cable
❌ Lower Bandwidth

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For gamers who find their Wi-Fi connections a hurdle in their gaming and want a better solution in lower cost, RiteAV Cat6 ethernet cable is something to go with. It works really well with almost all the gaming devices or computers you look forward to connect.

With good network speed of up to 1GBps (when straightened out) and a Cat6 technology, you can expect an above average performance. It’s definitely better than a regular wireless connection.

RiteAV Cat6 cable is available in different colors and lengths so that you can choose accordingly. This ethernet cable is backward compatible with Cat5 and Cat5e too so that another plus. Also, it fluke test certified means better safety.

All of that makes it a budget-friendly ethernet cable. It could have been much better if they adopted a flat design instead of co-axial cable.

9. Belkin 3ft Cat 5e Cable

Belkin Cat 5e Ethernet Cable

✅ Cat5e with 1GBps speed
✅ Inexpensive
❌ Lower Bandwidth

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Although Cat5e is an older technology, it is still widely used and compatible. That’s why we have included the Belkin 3ft Cat 5e ethernet cable in this list.

Despite using the Cat5e architecture, this ethernet cable offers blazing fast speed to 1000Mbps which makes it one of the fastest Cat 5e Ethernet cables in the market today.

To ensure a lag-free and reliable connection, the Belkin Cat5e cable uses 50-micron gold-plated RJ45 contacts. It also resists corrosion and ensures a longer life. Also, the snagless moldings provide added protection.

If you are looking for a cheaper solution to increase your network performance for gaming, just go for the Belikin Cat5e ethernet cable!

10. GLANICS Cat8 Ethernet Cable

GLANICS Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

✅ High Speed upto 40Gbps
✅ 2000MHz Bandwidth
✅ 24k Gold Plated RJ45 Connector
✅ Eco-friendly PVC coating
❌ Not for budget-buyers

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The Cat8 is the latest tech in the ethernet cables section. I have already mentioned how fast Cat7 and Cat6 cable are but Glanics Cat8 ethernet cable takes it one step further.

Once you replace your regular Cat6 cable with Glanics Cat8, your gaming experience is going to be blazing fast. It offers upto 40GBps speed with 2000MHz bandwidth which is almost twice as compared to the fastest Cat7 cable.

Believe me, such high speed would give you an advantage over competitors!

Its RJ45 connector is plated with 24k gold to prevent it from corrosion. Also, it has strong anti-interference due to SSTP double shielding as well as low resistance.

The PVC coating used in Glanics Cat8 cable is strong, corrosion-resistant and eco-friendly. It comes in a range of length from 1ft to 100ft and it is backwards compatible with previous generations of Ethernet cables.


11. GearIT Cat5e Ethernet Cable

GearIt 20-Pack, Cat5e Ethernet Cable

✅ 24AWG Bare Copper
✅ 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
✅ Compatible with Xbox One
✅ Most Affordable
❌ Lower Transmission Rate

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If you are here to buy ethernet cable specially for your Xbox one, then GearIT Cat5e cable can be a good option. It offers a nice balance of durability, affordability and reliability.

GearIT’s Cat5e cable comes with 350MHz bandwidth and upto 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet. I would not say it is the fastest cable but it would definitely improve the speed over your regular cable.

The cable has 24AWG stranded bare copper wires for fast transmission and the connector also has a 50 micron gold plating which makes it corrosion free. The CM rated PVC coating reduces the network interference to large extent.

While other ethernet cables are priced at almost 10 bucks for 1-2ft length, you can get this one for just 1$ for 1.5ft length.

So, for Xbox one owners, GearIT Cat5e is an affordable and reliable Ethernet cable. Though, I would not recommend it if you are into games that require higher ping rates.

How to Choose Ethernet cable for Gaming?

Well, before you decide to buy an ethernet cable, you must go through the buyer’s guide below. With so many different categories and features available, you have to understand your needs and then decide which ethernet cable will be best for you.

Following are the key things to remember before selecting an ethernet cable for gaming.


Ethernet cables are divided into different categories depending upon the bandwidth and the network speed they offer. The most advanced categories are Cat7 and Cat6, while Cat5e is comparatively older technology.  Though it does not mean you have to buy Cat7 only.

It totally depends on the application and needs. For high data transfer rates, Cat7 is best but those cables are equally expensive. Cat6 and Cat5e ethernet cables are more popular in terms of availability and performance.

Network Speed

Gamers must note that Online games require high network speed to ensure minimum latency. Generally, 1000Mbps Ethernet cables do a good job while gaming; way better than wireless connections. But more advanced Ethernet cables offer ten times more network speed (10GBps) which are considered the best Ethernet cable for gaming.


Another important specification of an Ethernet cable is the highest bandwidth it can offer. Gamers must understand that higher the bandwidth, the lesser will be the network congestion thus increasing the response rate. Most cables provide 550Mhz bandwidth which is average for playing games over LAN. Though, for better performance, you can choose a 600MHz – 1000 MHz ethernet cable.


Well, most people normally think that what does the length of the cable has to do with the performance. Believe me, it does. I recommend using the exact length you require for maximum performance. If you will use a 30ft cable for a distance of 10ft, you are actually decreasing the network performance.


There is no rocket science here. Whatever you are buying it should be compatible with the device you are going to connect to it. Gamers need to pay extra attention here because different gaming consoles have different connectivity ports, therefore, the Ethernet cable you are buying must be compatible with that. Generally, an RJ45 ethernet cable is used which provides universal connectivity across multiple devices.

Does Ethernet Cable help Gaming?

Definitely YES.

Using a high-speed Ethernet cable for online games will help you to achieve better response time and more reliable connection as compared to the wireless connection.

A good ethernet cable can achieve network speeds from 1Gbps to 10Gbps depending upon the cable type ensuring almost zero lag. Most ethernet cables meant for gaming also come with gold-plated connectors for better longevity and low interference.

Cat6 vs Cat7 for gaming – Which one is the best?

Performance wise it doesn’t matter. But if you are installing the Ethernet cable for the first time in your house then it is always advisable to be future proof and go with the Cat 7  ethernet cable for gaming, otherwise, both of the Cat6 and Cat7 wires will give the same results.

In conclusion, Cat7 ethernet cable will not do much for the gaming unless you require it specifically. While a Cat6 Ethernet cable has become the standard and that’s what you should be using at the most for gaming.

Conclusion: What is the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming?

Let me share some final thoughts now. In my opinion, gamers should use a high-speed Ethernet cable for gaming instead of wireless adapter. No matter, how fast a Wi-Fi connection is, an Ethernet cable will definitely improve performance.

Another topic of debate is upgrading your network to Cat5e or Cat6 or Cat7 cable. There are its own advantages and disadvantages.

Well, I hope this guide has helped you and you must have found a suitable Ethernet cable for gaming for yourself.

If you are still in doubt, just go with our choice – Mediabridge Cat5e Ethernet cable which is the best ethernet cable for gaming giving a great performance at a reasonable price.

If you are not very tight on budget, go for Vandesail Cat7 or Jadaol Cat7 Ethernet cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest Ethernet cable?
The Cat7 cables are the fastest ethernet cable which can achieve speed as high as 100Gbps and bandwidths upto 600MHz. On the other hand, Cat6 cables offers upto 1Gbps at a bandwidth of 250MHz.

Which Cat cable is best for gaming?
MediaBridge Cat6 cable is best for gaming with 10Gbps network speed at 550MHz. It offers lag-free gaming experience at an affordable cost.

Is cat7 better than cat6?
Cat7 provides faster transmission speed as compared to Cat6 cable. A Cat7 cable also provides better shielding and reduces network interference while a Cat6 cable is more prone to interference.

Should I use Cat5e or Cat6?
If you are more concerned about transmission speed, you should use Cat6 instead of Cat5e because it is 10 times faster. Though, Cat5e is cheaper than Cat6 cable.

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