Are you not able to play your favorite games because your Xbox One won’t turn on? Or your Xbox one power supply is making unbearable noise? Well, it happens with many gamers including me. And, in most cases, the problem is a damaged power supply. So, today I am sharing the list of best Xbox one power supply you can buy in 2020. Along with that, I have got a tutorial on how to replace Xbox One power supply successfully and the things you need to check before buying. So, let’s begin!

As I mentioned, a faulty power supply (often called power brick) is one of the major reasons for your Xbox One not turning on at all. And without a power supply, there is no way you can turn your Xbox one. For absolute beginners, let me explain what an Xbox power supply really do.

The Xbox consoles run on direct-current (DC) power while the electricity we get in our homes is alternating-current (AC) power. The Xbox One power supply/adapter converts the power from AC source to DC power and reduces it to suitable power on which your Xbox console operates.

Before we go to the list of top Xbox one power supplies of 2019, let me give you a glimpse of the most common problems with Xbox one power bricks and cords.

Most Common Xbox One Power Supply Problems

Power BrickPower CordNoise


Xbox One Power Brick
Xbox One Power Brick

Power Brick: The Xbox one power supply has a brick that houses the main circuitry along with a cooling fan, fuse etc. In case of power surges or fluctuations, this fuse protects your Xbox one from any damages. In such situations, the fuse blows off.

The problem is you cannot replace this fuse, therefore a new power supply is required. Also, if the cooling fan stops working, it is a wise decision to replace the power supply otherwise it will heat up and damage your console.


Xbox One Power Cord
Xbox One Power Cord

AC / DC Power Cord: The hard-wired cord that connects the power brick and your Xbox one is the DC power cord. While the cord that is plugged into the wall socket is the AC power cord. Many times we accidentally walk over the cables; sometimes they get exposed to heat sources, or wrapping the cord around the power brick can cause damage to Xbox one power cords. As a result, either you have to swap the cord with an old cord or buy a new Xbox one power supply.



Xbox One Power Supply Noise
Xbox One Power Supply Noise

Noise: For one or the other reason, the Xbox one power supply starts making noise that starts with a slight buzz and goes on to increase to unbearable levels. Normally, there is no solution to this problem other than spending some money and get yourself a new power supply for Xbox one console.

If you are also facing any such problem with your Xbox One console, you need a good power supply. So, to help you choose from all the options available in the market, here’s the list of best Xbox one power supply of 2020. Check it out!

The 8 Best Xbox One Power Supply

I know that you only need one power supply and there are too many options to choose from. Don’t worry. In the next section, I have reviewed all the top 8 Xbox one power supply individually including their pros and cons. I am sure you’ll find a power brick / supply that will fit in your budget and still meet all your expectation very well.

So, let me start with the most popular Xbox one power supply for you and further we will see the best budget and few premium options as well.


1. YCCSKY Xbox One Power Supply

YCCSKY Xbox One Power Supply
YCCSKY Xbox One Power Supply
  • Really Silent Operation
  • Global AC Adapter
  • LED Indicator
  • Special IC Switch
  • Affordable Price
  • Nothing Negative


2. Ortz Xbox One Power Supply

Ortz Xbox One Power Supply
Ortz Xbox One AC Power Supply
  • Enhanced Quiet Version
  • 100% Compatible with Xbox One
  • Auto Voltage Adjust
  • Special Internal Circuitry
  • Steady Charge
  • Overheating Protection
  • Little Buzzing Sound


3. Microsoft (Original) Xbox One Power Supply

Microsoft Original Xbox One Power Supply
Microsoft Original Xbox One Power Supply
  • Original and Efficient
  • US based 100V / 2A Input
  • Low-Noise Adapter
  • Officially Tested OEM
  • Expensive


4. YTeam Xbox One AC Power Adapter

YTeam Xbox One Power Supply
YTeam Xbox One Power Supply
  • Innovative IC Design
  • National Certified Power Adapter
  • Auto Voltage Adjust
  • Standard US Power Cord
  • 30-Days Moneyback
  • Needs Separate Cable for Asian countries


5. Outway Xbox One AC Adapter / Power Supply

Outway Xbox One Power Supply
Outway Xbox One Power Supply
  • Global AC Adapter
  • Upgraded Fan Design
  • ABS Material
  • LED Indicator
  • Low Noise Power Brick
  • Not very Durable


6. YCCTeam Xbox One Power Supply

YCCTeam Xbox One Power Supply
YCCTeam Xbox One Power Supply
  • Very Silent Operation
  • Optimised Motherboard
  • Global AC Adapter
  • Dual LED Indicator
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Not So Durable


7. Masione Power Supply for Xbox One

Masione Xbox One Power Supply
Masione Xbox One Power Supply
  • Radiator Fan Design
  • Auto Voltage Feature
  • US version Power Cord
  • Impressive Quiet Operation
  • Needs Separate Cord for Asian Countries


Sumlink Xbox One Power Supply
Sumlink Xbox One Power Supply
  • Optimised Fan Blade
  • Normal Noise
  • ABS Material
  • LED Indicator
  • Not meant for Excessive Gaming


Xbox One Won’t Turn On? Here’s What to do.

If you are not sure why your Xbox one is not turning on, you can follow these simple steps to check the power supply of your Xbox one and find out if you need power supply replacement.

Reset Your Xbox One Power Supply

As I mentioned earlier in this post, your Xbox one power supply has a surge protector which actually prevent your power brick from any electric damage in case of power surge by cutting out the electric power.

When such a thing happens, the Xbox one power supply isn’t permanently damaged but to get it running again, you need to reset it. Following are the simple steps to reset Xbox one power supply.

  • Unplug all the cables including DC Cord, AC Cord from the console as well as the wall socket.
  • Wait for 10-20 seconds. The power supply needs at least 10 seconds to reset.
  • Now, plug in the AC cord in the wall power source but DO NOT connect the AC cord to the Xbox console yet.
  • Check the LED Light on the power supply.
  • If the light is ON, then plug in the DC cord and connect to the console.
  • Check the light again. If it is still ON, then press the Xbox button on the console and your Xbox should start successfully.

If this doesn’t work, then you need to check the LED indicator to get an idea what the matter. Here’s what to do next.

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Check LED Light on Power Supply

The LED indicator on Xbox power brick shows the power status of your console. There are a number of states of the LED light that indicate different electrical issues with your power supply.

First of all, make sure the power cord is plugged firmly to the console as well as the power socket on the wall. Now, check for the LED light.

  • Steady white light: Good news! Your power supply is perfectly fine. A steady white light means that the power brick is receiving electricity from the wall socket and supplying it to your console without any error. In such a situation, you need to check with your console.
  • Steady orange light: Take a sigh! Your Xbox one power brick is okay but its just set to energy-saving mode. You can fix it by following the steps in the next section.
  • LED off or flashing orange light: In this case, your power supply has problems and you must try resetting the power supply using the steps that I mentioned in the previous section. If that fails, you need an Xbox one power supply replacement.

Fixing Xbox One Orange Light Problem

Most of the Xbox one users have at least once complained about this issue and if you are one of those, I have got your back.

Many times, when you plug in the power supply, the LED lights up in white and immediately turns into steady orange light. This happens when your console is set to power-saving mode. In such a situation, the power brick is not supplying electricity to the console.

And, there’s an unusual but working fix for this! Here’s that.

  • First of all, remove the cable that connects the power brick to your Xbox One. Then, unplug the cable from the power brick end that goes into the power socket.
  • Do not touch anything else. Now plug the power cord that runs from the brick to the power adapter into the wall socket.
  • Now plug the other end of this cable into the power brick just halfway in slowly until a crackling sound comes. Try wiggling the cable a little, go back and forth a couple of times and the LED indicator must change to steady white.
  • Switch on the console and the console should work properly.

How to Fix Xbox One turning off Unexpectedly?

Another common problem with Xbox one users is when the console turns off unexpectedly. It gets completely irritating when this happens during an important gaming session. Isn’t it so? Well, there are some simple solutions that can help you fix your Xbox one from turning off in the middle of a game. Here you go!

1. Overheating

Due to overheating, your Xbox One sometimes shuts down to prevent any power failure. There are a couple of reasons for overheating such as a faulty internal fan or dust build-up inside the power supply.

To prevent your Xbox One from overheating, you must place your Xbox one console and power brick in a cool place with proper ventilation. Avoid placing it behind shelves or any secluded area.

Also, make sure that the internal fans are not blocked by the surroundings to allow the heat to escape properly.

As a preventive measure, Xbox One also gives you a prompt that your console is overheating. Whenever you see such a prompt, just turn off the console and don’t turn it back on before one hour.

2. Power Supply Issues

A non-functional power supply can also make your Xbox One turn off unexpectedly. In such a situation, you have to replace your power supply with a new one. Refer to my recommendations I gave earlier in the post to buy a new Xbox one power supply.

3. Auto-Shutdown Mode

This is a sweet feature of Xbox One i.e. the Auto Shutdown mode. It allows you to set a shutdown timer after which the console will turn off automatically. But, sometimes you may forget after setting a timer and the console may turn off unexpectedly. Here’s how you can turn off the Auto shutdown mode.

  1. Open the Guide and press select.
  2. Select All Settings.
  3. Select Turn off or restart.
  4. Turn off auto-shutdown

How to Prevent Power Supply Issues on Xbox One?

Buying a new Xbox power supply is not the permanent solution until you use preventive measures to avoid any damage in the future. As the famous saying goes Prevention is better than cure. So, here are a few simple preventive measures you should take to avoid any Xbox One power error from happening in the first place:

1. Turn off Instant-On power mode

The Instant-On mode on Xbox One enables faster start-up, voice response where available and download automatic updates. But for that, it keeps the power supply on standby mode. It means your power supply is working even after you turn off your Xbox one console.

Due to continuous usage, the power supply degrades and starts giving startup errors as well as makes a loud noise. To avoid all that and help your Xbox one power supply run longer and smoother, you must disable the Instant-On mode.

To turn off the Instant-On power mode:

  • Open the guide and select.
  • Select All Settings.
  • Switch the power mode from Instant-On to Energy Saving.
  • Restart your console.

2. Plug the Power Supply directly into the wall socket

For safety purposes, some gamers use surge protectors or extension boxes with their Xbox One power supply. In several cases, this can affect the performance and even lead to malfunction. So, my suggestion is to always plug the power supply directly into the wall outlet. Don’t worry, the power supplies we have listed above come with inbuilt surge controller; so technically there is no need for unnecessary wiring.

3. Position your Xbox One console and Power Supply Correctly

This is a very simple yet effective practice to prevent any malfunction in your Xbox one power adapter. Actually, both the console box as well as the power brick has moving fans meant for cooling. You must place the console and the power brick in a way that the fans are in the correct orientation and the heat vents are not blocked. Avoid resting the power supply or the console itself on an unstable or movable surface.

Choosing A Good Xbox One Power Supply

So, that was the list of top Xbox one power supplies that are available in the market in 2019. Now, before you make choice I would like you to go through a few important things that you must consider in an Xbox one power supply.

Compatibility: Though all the mentioned power supplies in this list are 100% compatible with Xbox console, in case you are looking for some other options as well, you gotta double check the compatibility. Make sure you are buying a power supply designed for Xbox One because the power supplies are not cross compatible between different Xbox consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One S.

Power Rating: The power rating specifies that what should be the correct Input and Output power for optimal performance and risk-free operation. The Household power supply is different in different countries. Generally, when you buy from a brick-and-mortar store in your country, they will only sell the Xbox one power supply which has a power rating according to your country. But while buying online, always check the Input Power Rating is the same as the household power supply that you get in your home.

Build Material: Another important thing to consider is the material using which the Xbox One power brick is made. As you already heating major issue and it could burn down the power brick at times. Make sure that the power brick is made with ABS material that prevents your power brick from burning and eliminates any chance of fire. It also ensures better durability and longer life.

Warranty: It is important that your Xbox one power supply must come with at least 12 months of the Warranty period. Just in case, if there is any fault or manufacturing default, you always have the option to get a replacement or refund. Some manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee for a specific period, it is always good to get such a deal. 😉

FAQs about Xbox One Power Cord

What is the Xbox One power supply?

Xbox one power supply is an external power brick that connects the Xbox one to the power socket. It comes in three variants 100-110V, 220-240V and 100-240V voltage rating.

How much is an Xbox one power supply?

Microsoft Original Xbox one power supply comes for around $35. Depending upon other brand and power rating, xbox one power supply can cost you anything between $20 to $50.

Does Xbox One need power brick?

Yes, Xbox one needs a power brick to function properly. But, the Xbox One S has its power supply integrated in the console itself.

Does Microsoft replace Xbox one power supply?

Microsoft offers to replace the Xbox one power supply only if it is still under warranty period. Otherwise, you have to buy a new power brick by paying extra cost.


So, my fellow Xbox gamers, I hope you must have found your best fit for your console from our list of best Xbox one power supplies of 2019.  If you still have any confusion, let me brief it for you in simple and straight words.

The YCCSKY Xbox One Power Supply is the overall best Xbox one power supply while the YTeam Xbox One Power supply is the best budget Xbox one power supply. In case you want a premium and original option, Microsoft Original Xbox One power supply is your option.

Share your views about your experience with aftermarket Xbox One Power Supply. Have you seen a difference while gaming as compared to stock Xbox one power supply? Tell us in the comments section below. Did I miss anything? Feel free to discuss in comments as well.

If you find this post helpful, please share it with your friends who love gaming. Keep visiting for latest gaming news and product reviews.


    • Hey Joshua, I can understand you concern regarding aftermarket products. But, as far as the Xbox one power supplies that I have mentioned in this post (aftermarket as well as original) are concerned, all of them are tested by myself and they offer a great alternative of the original xbox one power supply in terms of performance; that too at an affordable price!


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