Thinking of inviting your friends over on weekend and spend some good time playing? All you need is a good air hockey table and you’re ready for a head on arcade match with your friends. Otherwise too, having a air hockey table in your game room is going to be fun for kids too! In this post, we have reviewed the best air hockey tables of 2018 that you can buy at the best prices. Check them out!

The common thinking about arcade game tables is that they are the old-school sport and there’s not much they can offer apart from the basic game. Also, there are video games that mimic air hockey and people are shifting towards them instead of playing it on a real air hockey table of your own.

To make the air hockey tables more interesting and exciting than ever, the manufacturers have started incorporating a lot of great stuff into the old-style air hockey tables like the automatic electronic counters, LEDs, graphics, sounds and much more!

Air Hockey Tables that we have reviewed in this article come in different sizes and budgets. And, we are pretty sure you will the air hockey table that fits right in your game room or your office lounge and wont cost you bags full of dollars either.

With a good quality air hockey table, the fun is never going to end at your home or even at your office.

So, are you ready for this? First, let’s begin with the list of top rated air hockey tables of 2018 that you can buy for your game room!

Top 15 Best Air Hockey Tables of 2018

Best Air Hockey Tables 2018Latest Price on AmazonDimensions
Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table7.5 ft
Viper Vancouver 7.5 ft
Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Table7 ft
Triumph Swivel 3-in-1 Table7 ft
Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table7 ft
Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED lit4.5 ft
Triumph Lumen X6 ft
Hathway Enforcer Air Hockey Table5.5 ft
Franklin Quikset Air Hockey Table4 ft
ESPN Air Powered Hockey Table5 ft
PlayCraft Sport Tabletop40 inches
NHL Hover Hockey Table4.5 ft
Harvil Air Hockey Table4 ft
How to Choose the Best Air Hockey Table?

Well, that’s something you must learn to find out what makes a good air hockey table. There are a number of things that one must keep in mind before choosing air hockey table.

Below are the features, you must look for while buying air hockey tables.

  • Size of Table
  • Build Material
  • Air Assistance (Fan/Blower)
  • Leg Levelers
  • Scoring System
  • Power Source
  • Combo tables
  • Graphics & Design
To know about all the above features in details and their impact on your air hockey experience, check out Complete Air Hockey Table Buyer’s Guide.

Next, we will talk about each of the individual air hockey tables in details. In our review of air hockey tables below, you will find the individual specifications, pros as well as the cons of each. Along with that, you can also check out the customer reviews and the latest price on Amazon.

So, without ado, below are the reviews of 15 top air hockey tables available in the market in 2018.


1. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review

Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table
Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

At the top of our list of best air hockey tables, Atomic Top Shelf 7.5ft air hockey table is very close to a professional arcade table used in international air hockey tournaments. And it’s definitely gonna be amazing to have one in your personal game room.

With Escalade Sport’s Atomic air hockey table, You will get one of the smoothest 82″ x 41″ surface made of high-speed PVC with this table. Atomic Top shelf is also equipped with a 120V motor that delivers enough air to create an almost friction-less surface to keep the puck moving.

Atomic Top Shelf air hockey table also have an automatic electronic score counter so that you don’t have worry who scored more! Not only that; this table also features Lumen-X technology that lights up the table, puck and the strikers. And, to add to the action atmosphere, there’s some awesome high energy music too!

The structure is quite sturdy and the legs are tapered for improved stability. But, the table is heavier than you would expect making it not very easily portable.

If you are a die-hard air hockey fan and can spend anything to get all the action at your own house, Atomic Top Shelf 7.5ft air hockey table is the best choice.

What we liked about it?

Atomic is one of the leading manufacturers with good reviews, so quality is not an issue. With Atomic Top Shelf 7.5ft air hockey table, you get a combination of great playing experience and impressive features to add the extra fun to the game! Definitely a great choice for a pro games room.

  • Professional Design & Build
  • Lumen-X LED technology
  • Tapered Legs
  • 7.5 ft Playing surface
  • Electronic Score Counter
  • Extra Heavy
  • Higher Cost

2. Viper Vancouver 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review

Viper Vancouver 7.5' Air Hockey Table
Viper Vancouver 7.5′ Air Hockey Table

On the second place comes Viper Vancouver 7.5′ Air Hockey Table. Don’t be fooled by the simple look and feel, this air hockey table offers all that’s necessary to throw a fun-filled air hockey game evening on the weekends.

Viper Vancouver air hockey table has standard 7.5ft smooth surface with graphics similar to the real ice hockey rink. The blower can produce air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute that ensures steady and powerful air to keep the pucks drifting quickly.

Another handy feature of this air hockey table is the automatic puck return system which is provided on both ends. You wont have to stop the game in middle to retrieve the puck after the goal. Problem solved! The automatic electronic counter cum timer has a triangular shape, just like the professional ones, making it easier each player to see the scores.

Talking about the build quality, Viper Vancouver air hockey table has good life even with regular gaming. Also, the legs have levelers to make sure the table is straight even on uneven floor and the game is fair.

Though it lacks the LEDs lighting, other than that it is a good option if you want to own one of the best air hockey tables this year!

What we like about it?

The automatic puck return system is something we personally appreciate. Everything else on this table is pretty great to justify the price. And, for the assembly you won’t have to spend more than just few minutes!

  • Sleek and Simple Design
  • 110 cubic feet/min blower
  • Puck Return system
  • Leg Levelers
  • Electronic Score + Timer
  • Durable
  • Higher Price
  • Lacks LED lighting


3. Triumph Swivel – Best 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table Review

Triumph Swivel 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table
Triumph Swivel 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table

Well, this is something special. If you think you will be bored playing just air hockey all the time, Triumph Swivel air hockey table is going to be your savior!

It has not one, not two but 3 games in just one table. Amazing isn’t it? Triumph Swivel is a 3-in-1 arcade table that features air hockey, billiards and table tennis. So, you can invite all your friends over and spend the day playing multiple games without having to fill your living room with gaming tables. 😛

To make a perfect cushion under the puck, a 110v blower is present ensuring superfast shots! It also features the patented central air flow distribution system that provides even flow across the complete playing surface.

The size of the rink is 84” L x 44.5” W x 32” which is ideal for the whole family and friends!

The air hockey table has puck return system and legs are attached with levelers. You can switch from air hockey to billiards or table tennis within seconds; thanks to the super handy swivel joints.

The playing surface for air hockey is made up of durable glossy PVC and the surface for billiards is covered with high quality green nylon for consistent roll. You will also get a package of all the necessary accessories including balls, pucks, paddles, mallets and sticks etc.

What we liked about it?

Well, being a 3-in-1 table is in itself a plus point. You get all the accessories along with the whole package, so not separate expenses as well. Uses the patented air distribution technology ensuring a great air hockey experience along with the billiards and table tennis games.

  • 3 Games in One
  • Great Design & Build
  • 110V 60Hz air blower
  • Puck return system
  • Leg levelers
  • Easy to Switch
  • Includes all Accessories
  • No LEDs
  • No automatic scoring system


4. Fat Cat Pockey 7Ft 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table Review

Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table
Fat Cat Pockey 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table

Next on our top air hockey tables list is the Fat Cat Pockey air hockey table. It is another 3-in-1 table on which you can enjoy playing air hockey as well as billiards and table tennis. Though, you have to spend a little extra for this table but it is absolutely value for money.

The 7ft air hockey surface is shiny and white resembling the ice hockey rink. A 110v blower delivers a powerful air flow of 80 cubic feet/min that allows lighting fast puck motion. You also get a dual end puck return system with this one too for back to back games without interruption.

The billiards and table tennis surfaces are equally good. The package of accessories contains all the required balls, paddles and sticks for the games.

This 3-in-1 air hockey table also has adjustable levelers at the bottom to ensure accurately leveled surface.

The only negative point about this beast is that the electronic score counter is missing that means you won’t get the proper arcade gaming feel. But, it is not feasible to put one of those in a 3-in-1 table either.

What we liked about it?

Being a 3-in-1 table, stability can be an issue in itself. But, thanks to the patented latch lock system present in Fat Cat Pockey, the table top is totally secured in all conditions and you wont regret spending the extra amount on it. It is ergonomically build to make it easier for all types of players.

  • 3 Games in 1 table
  • 7 feet Air hockey surface
  • 110v Air Blower
  • 80 cubic ft/min Air flow
  • All Accessories included
  • Fairly Durable
  • Not for Budget buyers
  • No electronic scoring system


5. Atomic Blazer 7ft – Best Budget Air Hockey Table Review

Atomic Blazer 7' Air Hockey Table
Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table

If you don’t want to spend unnecessarily but still looking for a good air hockey table for your man cave, then you may not look any further. The Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey table is a great value for money option for air hockey gamers.

Though it is a bit smaller than the top ones but still it is the best budget air hockey table with great features! You name it and this air hockey table has it all.

Atomic Blazer comes with a good quality playing surface and a 120v heavy duty blower to ensure you have great time playing with your favorite opponent. The black & ivory color scheme and modern surface graphics give a professional look to the table.

This is the only table on this list with the automatic score counter integrated in the rails of the table. You can keep an eye on the score without having to move your focus from the table.

Also, the rail is overhanging on the sides to prevent the puck bounce off the table. The legs are tapered and equipped with 5″ levelers to adjust the height and ensure an even playing surface. There’s a puck return system too!

What else you can ask for, buddy? 😀 Atomic Blazer 7ft air hockey table is undoubtedly the best budget air hockey tables of 2018.

What we like about it?

Well, Atomic Blazer air hockey table is going to give you anything to complain. And it comes a pocket-friendly price too. Surprisingly, this can accommodate a separate table tennis top on it making it a 2-in-1 table.

  • Great Design & Build
  • 7ft Playing surface
  • Integrated Score Counter
  • 120v Heavy duty blower
  • Leg Levelers
  • Puck return system
  • Durable & Affordable
  • Lacks LED lighting


6. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Air Hockey Table Review

Triumph Fire n Ice Air Hockey Table
Triumph Fire n Ice Air Hockey Table

Coming at no. 6 on our list of best air hockey tables, Triumph Fire n Ice is for those who don’t have enough space to adjust a fuller size game table in their living room.

Triumph Fire n Ice air hockey table comes almost everything that the table on the top of this list has but with a size of 54 inches.

You will get cool red and blue LED lights in the puck as well as the striker and the corner too which lights up when anyone scores a goal. It has the typical Fire n Ice graphic work making it eye catchy.

The surface receives enough air flow to keep the puck gliding and there’s a handy puck return system. For the scores, you can either use the abacus scoring or the electronic counter too.

Triumph Fire n Ice air hockey table is perfect for teenagers given it’s size but adults also wont find it that weird to play on it.

The only minor negative point is that it lacks a power switch and uses batteries for LED lighting.

What we liked about it?

The best part about Triumph Fire n Ice air hockey table is the size and the price! 😀 It takes less space and going to cost you less despite of having great list of features. It can also be a great gift for your teenage son!

  • Catchy Design
  • LED lighting
  • Cross bar legs with levelers
  • Electronic Score counter
  • Best Suited for teenagers
  • Affordable
  • Smaller in size


7. Triumph Lumen X Air Hockey Table Review

Triumph Lumen X Air Hockey Table
Triumph Lumen X Air Hockey Table

Here is another good option who love to play in dark. Triumph Lumen X air hockey table is 6 feet table with LED lighting and professional looking design.

With black and grey color scheme, Triumph Lumen X stands out in this list of best air hockey tables for a number of reasons.

Being 6 feet size, this air hockey table is not very bulky neither too small. It’s just the perfect space saver. Along with lights, it also plays in-game music to raise the excitement.

Triumph Lumen X air hockey table has a dual motor blower system for extra air flow that will the puck glide better and faster on the MDF engineered surface. For the scoring, there is an electronic counter that keeps track of who scored how much goals.

Overall, it is a good air hockey table but it is not meant for those for a standard sized arcade table used professionally. But, still it is a great choice for the hobbyists who enjoy playing a few games for fun!


Everything about Triumph Lumen X air hockey table is great including the playing experience, air flow, lighting and the score counter. Personally recommended for hobbyists and young adults.

  • 6 Ft playing surface
  • Trendy Dark design
  • Dual motor for Air flow
  • Thick legs with levelers
  • Lumen X Technology
  • Not the standard size


8. Hathway Enforcer Air Hockey Table Review

Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table
Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table

On the eighth place on our best air hockey tables list, we have Hathaway Enforcer, a 66 inch air hockey table best suited for kids recreational room.

It has an appealing ice blue and black design with impressive graphics. The L-shape MDF legs provide extra stability and a high output 110v motor ensures that puck won’t get trapped on the corners and glide freely across the surface.

The goal boxes are have a sliding scoring unit as well as an automatic puck return system too! There is a separate electronic scoring system present at one side of rail.

If you are on budget and want a cool gift for your kids then Hathaway Enforcer is a great option that kids gonna enjoy the most!

What we liked about it?

At a budget price, good quality and bunch of great features, Hathaway Enforcer is the best air hockey table when it comes to gifting your teens their next favorite holiday activity.

  • 110v air blower
  • 5.5 ft playing surface
  • ABS + Electronic score counter
  • Pocket Friendly
  • L Shape legs with levelers
  • No lighting & sound


9. Franklin Quikset Air Hockey Table Review

Franklin Sports Quikset Air Hockey Table
Franklin Sports Quikset Air Hockey Table

Well, if a 54″ table is still bigger then the space you have, then Franklin Sports Quikset 48″ air hockey table can help you out.

Colored with black and blue graphics, this air hockey table can fit even in the smallest space left at any corner of your living room or even your office cabin!

It gets its name Quikset from the unique design that allows easy setup within minutes and folds up in seconds. So in case, you have a permanent space for the table all the time, you can fold it up and store in your closet!

Franklin Sports Quikset air hockey tables has not the very best blower but it offers enough air assistance to the puck for slick speed motion. also, there is a detachable electronic score keeper. It is extremely light weight and portable.

In case you want it for adult players, there is a 54″ version available too for a marginally higher cost.

What we like about it?

Portability is the area where this air hockey table beats the other tables on our list. It lightweight and foldable making it a great choice at a fair price.

  • Compact Design
  • Has Air Assistance
  • Easy Assembly
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in two sizes (48″ & 54″)
  • No Lighting
  • Okayish Air Blower


10. ESPN Air powered Hockey Table Review

ESPN Air Hockey Table
ESPN Air-powered Hockey Table

Created by ESPN, this air hockey table will be an authentic addition to your game room! ESPN Air-powered Hockey Table is 60 inches in size and build close to real arcade gaming tables.

Powered by a standard 110v motor for evenly distributed air flow, this table will not upset you even once during those high energy matches. To add more to your playing experience, there is an electronic scoring unit with timer and professional arcade sound effects!

Talking about the structure, This 5 foot air hockey table has full panel leg supports and lateral cross braces for durability and longevity. Also, the oversized easy setup leg levelers ensure fully balanced playing surface on all types of floors.

You get good quality two pushers and two pucks along with it, so you can start the game as soon as you assemble it. Only if they could have added LED lighting to the this table, we would have place it in the top 5 spots of our list of best air hockey tables!

What we like about it?

We can say that this is one of the best air hockey tables in terms of stability and durability. Also, ESPN branding is something anyone would crave for! 😀

  • Real ESPN graphics & branding
  • Ultimate Stability
  • UL approved 110v air blower
  • Digital Score Counter
  • Sound Effects
  • No Lighting for playing in dark
  • Bit Heavier


11. Playcraft Sport Tabletop Air Hockey Review

Playcraft sport tabletop air hockey
Playcraft Sport 40″ Tabletop Air Hockey

Now, this is one of its kind air hockey on this list. Playcraft Sport is a 40 inch tabletop air hockey table that can be used with any regular table.

Let me tell you firstly that this table is meant for kids only under the age 10. Just 40 inch in size and without legs, its best suited for the little kids gang.

Made with UL approved MDF hardwood, this air hockey table can take all the blast the kids are going to have. Though the blower is not the best world and lacks even air distribution at the corners, but round corners wont trap the puck come what may.

The accessories like strikers and pucks are also designed keeping in mind the smaller hands of kids. So, technically adults might have to face a little difficulty while playing on this.

All that being said, Playcraft Sport 40″ air hockey table is a cheap yet good table for your kids.

What we liked about it?

The kids are definitely going to love Playcraft sports 40″ tabletop air hockey table. With a sturdy and sleek design and puck return mechanism, this air hockey table is value of money!

  • Table top variant
  • Build ergonomically for kids
  • Simple White Graphics
  • Quite Cheap
  • Not suitable for adults
  • Not very durable


12. NHL Hover Hockey Table Review

NHL Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table
NHL Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table

If your are an NHL fan and collect everything related to the tournament, then you need this unique air hockey table – NHL Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table.

With authentic National Hockey League graphics, this air hockey table has a unique leg design that allows you to adjust the height from 31 inches (standard) to as low as 8 inches (table top) within minutes.

Talking about the playing experience, you can have fun on the squeaky smooth 54″ top with a fair air assistance to make the puck glide effortlessly. Along with that, there is a fully automatic digital scoring system and sound too! In fact, it is the cheapest air hockey table with sound effects.

As you finish your game, you can simply lock and store the legs at the bottom and store the whole table under the bed or in your closet.

What we liked about it?

There is no other air hockey table on this list with adjustable height. So, that’s where NHL Adjust & Store hover hockey table beats others. Another good thing are the realistic NHL graphics giving it a premium look at a low cost!

  • Authentic NHL Design
  • Adjustable Height
  • Digital Score Counter
  • Sound Effects
  • Cheap
  • Smaller than Standard size
  • No LED lighting


13. Harvil Air Hockey Table Review

Harvil 4 foot Air Hockey Table
Harvil 4 foot Air Hockey Table

The last but not the least on our list of top air hockey tables of 2018 is Harvil 4 foot Air Hockey table. If you are a hobbyists who is on budget and want something you can play with your friends as well as your kids, go for this one!

Equipped with electronic scoring as wells as manual scoring knob, you can keep track of all goals made more accurately. The scoreboard has two different LED displays to show the number of points scored by you and your opponent. But it lacks the countdown feature unlike some other tables on this list.

With 48″ length and curved panels between each leg, Harvil air hockey table takes up lesser space, making it a good choice for use in your living room or child’s bedroom.

It weighs less than 30 pounds, making it quite easy to move and store and Harvil added leg levelers to keep the table straight on uneven surfaces too.

For air flow, there is a 110v motor that produces enough air cushioning for the puck to glide at high speeds freely.

What we liked about it?

Well, at first the design which more is woody than plasticky. Next, there are dual counters both manual as well as electronic (uses batteries). It also takes less space and portable!

  • 110v Air Blower
  • Good Design
  • 48″ Playing Surface
  • Light weight
  • Electronic + Manual Scoring
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Can be Wobbly at time
  • Not the standard size
  • No Lighting system


Make Your Own Air Hockey Table

Learn more about air hockey tables on Wikipedia.



So, you have gone through all the air hockey tables and we hope you must have found the best fit for your needs and budget.

Before we move towards the conclusion, you must understand that we took in consideration a number of factors to rank all these tables and choose the best among them. The main features that play a decisive role when it comes to choose the best air hockey table are Air blower capacity, size of the playing surface, scorer, stability and durability. For the tables with almost equal features, the addons like LED lighting, sound effects etc are taken into consideration to rank them.

Coming to the verdict, After all the research, we found Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ is the best air hockey table and Atomic Blazer 7′ is the best budget air hockey table. While Franklin Sports Quikset 48″ is the best air hockey table for kids!

Well, if you have liked our efforts and this article has helped you to choose the best air hockey table, please share it with your friends who would love to read this!

Don’t forget share your playing experience on the air hockey table in the comment section below. If you have any kind of doubt or facing any difficulty in choosing which air hockey table to buy, feel free to ask in comments; I will help you in every possible way!


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