After the research and testing of more than 70 hours, here are my top 3 choices for Best Silent mouse that you can buy right away!

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*Click* *Click *Click*

This repeated click sound of your mouse gets irritating at times, especially when you are at work or playing games at night.

You can switch to a silent mouse (also called quiet mouse) which have specially designed mouse buttons to reduce or completely eliminate the click sound. These noiseless mice help you to work in a quiet environment or play games at night without sacrificing any features and disturbing others.

In this post, I have rated and reviewed the 7 best silent mice available in 2019.

1. Logitech M590 Wireless Silent Mouse

Logitech M590 Wireless Silent Mouse

My very first recommendation is the Logitech M590 silent mouse. With 90% click noise reduction, this one is by far the quietest mouse I have used. It features seven button setup and the scrollbar.

Not only the main two click buttons, but all other buttons are also noiseless. The scroll wheel is also rubberized to reduce the sound. All this makes Logitech M590 an ideal mouse for the quiet workplace. Apart from the silent operation, this mouse is loaded a lot more!

The buttons are also programmable, so you can assign the two thumb buttons for any action you wish to, such as shooting in games or moving back and forward. But it lacks the DPI switch, therefore, I did not find it very suitable for gaming.

Logitech M590 is a multi-device mouse equipped Logitech Flow technology. That means you can seamlessly work between different computers and even copy & paste files from one to another. Also, there’s Logitech’s proprietary Advanced Optical tracking for highly precise operation.

Being wireless silent mouse, you can connect it using Bluetooth as well as a 2.4G wireless connection. The range of up to 10m is pretty fine for practical usage.

With all these features, this mouse falls in the premium price band. Despite that, Logitech M590 is definitely the best silent mouse of 2019.


✅ 90% Noise Reduction
✅ Advanced Optical Tracking
✅ All Silent buttons
✅ Multi-device Support
✅ Wireless + Bluetooth Connection


❌ Too Expensive
❌ No DPI Switch

2. ShhhMouse Silent Noiseless Mouse

ShhhMouse Silent Noiseless Mouse

The runner-up on my silent mouse list is from ShhhMouse. Justifying its name, this clickless computer mouse does its job “silently”. The 90% noise reduction works exactly as advertised by the company.

You can compare the click sound to the ticking of the second hand on your wristwatch – its that silent.

There are five buttons – two main clicks, one middle click and two thumb buttons. I found the thumb buttons a little more ‘clicky’ than the other three.

For the looks, it has a nice glossy finish and shape that supports claw grip more. It feels sturdy in hand, the surface is sweat resistant but the build material isn’t that premium.

Also, there are three DPI levels – 1000, 1200, 1600 – which you can switch on-the-fly. It particularly comes handy for gaming. It can be connected to using the plug-and-play unified receiver that works on a 2.4G wireless connection.


✅ 90% Noise Reduction
✅ Optical Tracking Sensor
✅ Wireless 2.4G Connection
✅ Three DPI Levels (1000 – 1600)
✅ 5 Buttons


❌ Thumb buttons bit noisy
❌ No Bluetooth

3. VicTsing Silent Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse

For all my gamer buddies who love to play games all night, the VicSting Silent Gaming Mouse is what you need to stop bothering your parents or roommates with your heavy clicking!

This silent mouse works on a 2.4G wireless connection providing a reliable connection. When you’ll hold this mouse, it feels heavier (136g) and sturdier than a regular mouse.

You get 7 buttons in this mouse out of which there are two customizable thumb buttons for game lovers. You can program using the software utility. But, a little disappointed here that these thumb buttons are not as silent as the left and right click buttons.

Also, VicSting Silent gaming mouse offers a better range of DPI from 800 to 2400 in five selectable settings. You can switch between the DPI levels on-the-go with the dedicated button right below the scroll wheel.

A unique feature that makes this mouse stand out on this list is the adjustable polling rate. With that, you can select between 125Hz or 250Hz polling rate for better responsiveness, especially in games. If you want to improve your gaming experience even better, check out my hand-picked list of wireless gaming mouse in 2019.

The mouse is ergonomically designed for extra comfort during hours of usage. For extended battery life, there’s an advanced energy-saving chip with automatic power saving mode.


✅ Quiet Clickless Operation
✅ Precise Optical Tracking
✅ 7 Buttons
✅ Adjustable Polling Rate
✅ Wireless 2.4G Connection
✅ Five DPI Levels (800 – 2400)


❌ Thumb buttons bit noisy
❌ No Bluetooth

4. Logitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse

Another marvel from the Logitech – the Logitech M330 Silent Plus – is actually the budget-friendly cousin of M590 (featured at the top of this list). It also uses the same Quiet-click technology that reduces the noise by 90%.

I prefer M330 over the M590 for two reasons. First, the M330 Silent Plus comes at an almost one-third price (yes, I am broke some times). Second, the M330 has the same tracking sensor, quiet-click feature and even an ergonomic design which the M590 lacks.

If you only want to control just one PC at a time, you must consider buying Logitech M330 Silent Plus instead of the M590.

For the wireless connection, this noiseless mouse uses 2.4G wireless technology and a unifying receiver that you’ll plug into the USB port.

Design-wise, I am completely impressed by this mouse. If you are right-handed, the precisely contoured shape supports the most comfortable wrist position. If you’re a left-handed person, you might want to take a look at a different mouse on this list or choose a left-handed mouse for gaming.

And, the soft rubberized sides improve your grip on the mouse.

With Quiet Mark certification from UK Noise Abatement Society, the Logitech M330 Silent Plus is the best silent mouse in the market today, especially for working professionals.


✅ 90% Noise Reduction
✅ Quiet Mark Certification
✅ Ergonomic Design
✅ Wireless 2.4G Connection
✅ 3 Buttons


❌ No DPI Switch
❌ No Thumb Buttons

5. VicTsing Slim Silent Wireless Mouse

VicTsing Slim Silent Wireless Mouse

If you are looking for something that looks good on the outside and comes at a reasonable price, the VicTsing Slim silent mouse should be your choice. With a sleek design and slim form factor, this mouse fits very well in work surroundings.

Talking about the looks, the design is twice thinner than a regular mouse. The surface is sweat-resistant and anti-fingerprint giving a shiny

It has a 4-button setup with silent click technology so that you do not bother your fellows with a continuous clicking noise. This silent mouse uses a reliable 2.4G wireless connection with a range reaching up to 15 meters.

Unlike other silent mice in this list, the VicTsing Slim has an ambidextrous design which makes it convenient for both left and right-handed users.

Being priced under $10, a feature that surprised me about this mouse is the availability of DPI switch which is rare in budget mice. By using the DPI button, you can configure the mouse for 800, 1200 or 1600 DPI.

Overall VicTsing Slim is the best budget silent mouse with adjustable DPI and ambidextrous design.


✅ 90% Noise Reduction
✅ Quiet Mark Certification
✅ Ergonomic Design
✅ Wireless 2.4G Connection
✅ 3 Buttons


❌ No DPI Switch
❌ No Thumb Buttons

6. SROCKER C10s Wireless Silent Click Gaming Mouse

SROCKER C10s Silent Click Gaming Mouse

The SROCKER C10s is one more silent mouse for gamers. This 6-button ergonomic noiseless mouse is an absolute must-have if you can’t sleep without completing a round or two of your favorite game.

I can sum up my experience with this SROCKER C10s in just two words – Silent & Comfortable!

First I will talk about the silent operation. The SROCKER C10s has adopted a silent microswitch design that provides 95% noise reduction compared to an ordinary button. The click is virtually inaudible even in the most silent surroundings.

Now, let’s talk about comfort. The design of this silent mouse is the key element. On both sides, there are contoured surfaces to match the hand and thumb position precisely. Its weight with the batteries installed is pretty balanced; not too light, nor too heavy.

SROCKER C10s also allows you to change DPI in three levels – 1000-1600-2400. There are three power saving modes to enhance the battery life as well.


✅ 95% Noise Reduction
✅ 6 Buttons
✅ Ergonomic Design
✅ Wireless 2.4G Connection
✅ 3 DPI Levels


❌ No Bluetooth

7. VicTsing 2.4G Noiseless Mouse

VicTsing 2.4G Noiseless Mouse

Another pocket-friendly option for a silent mouse is the VicTsing 2.4G Noiseless Mouse. This one is strictly for work purpose and not meant for gaming.

This slim and lightweight silent mouse will complement your work desk better. You can easily put into your laptop bag.

It features the standard three buttons + scroll wheel setup. The clicks are satisfactorily quiet and you won’t notice the click sound even in a sufficiently quiet room. That means no distraction while working now on!

Anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant finish feels good under the palm and can be used continuously for hours comfortably.

As it operates on a single AA battery, so, to save energy, the mouse automatically shuts off within 3 seconds / 10 seconds / 30 minutes of inactivity.

The shape is symmetrical on both sides which makes it suitable for use no matter the orientation or which hand you use. Available in four color options and sleek design, VicTsing 2.4G Noiseless mouse is the best silent mouse for work.


✅ Quiet Click Operation
✅ Ambidextrous Design
✅ Wireless 2.4G Connection
✅ 3 Stage Energy Saving


❌ No DPI Adjustments
❌ No Extra Buttons

FAQs About Silent Mouse

Is there a quiet clicking mouse?

Yes, a silent mouse makes less noise, and decrease the amount of noise produced from scrolling the mouse wheel and clicking of the button.

How do I stop my mouse from making a clicking sound?

You can stop your mouse from making the clicking sound from changing the properties from Control Panel.

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click the Sound Tab.
  • Open Sound Window from 'Change System Sound' Settings, from thereon click the 'Windows Navigation Start' from drop down list.
  • Click the Sound Tab and select 'None'.

What is Silent Mouse?

Silent mouse is a type of mouse which doesn't make any annoying clicking noise while clicking the mouse button. These are ideal to use for public places and late night working on computer at home or office.

Final Thoughts

All the silent mice I mentioned in this post have their own pros and cons and your choice will totally depend on your requirements. If you wanna go by my recommendations, I’ve picked my top choices as follows.

What is the Best Silent Mouse?

  • Logitech M590 (Overall Best)
  • Logitech M330 Silent Plus (Runner-up)
  • VicTsing Silent Gaming Mouse (Best for Gaming)
  • VicTsing Slim (Budget Silent Mouse)

Don’t forget to share your experience with silent mice in the comment section below. Have any questions? Ask them in comments and I will answer each one of your queries.


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