Worried about wrist pain because of a regular mouse? Such pain can only be avoided by using an ergonomic vertical mouse. Today, I am sharing the list of the best vertical mouse you can use for better wrist health!

Overall List of Best Vertical Mouse in 2019

Here is the list of the top vertical mice that I have tested personally for comfort level, budget and usability.

PreviewBest Vertical MouseConnectivityDPILatest Price on Amazon
Anker AK-UBAAnker AK-UBA Wireless Vertical MouseWireless800 – 1600 DPI
Anker AK-UBALogitech MX Vertical MouseWireless4000 DPI
J-Tech Digital V628J-Tech Digital V628 (Gen2)
Wired600 – 1600 DPI
Evoluent VerticalMouse 4Evoluent VerticalMouse 4
Wired800 – 2600 DPI
Anker Wired Vertical MouseAnker Wired Vertical Mouse
Wired1000 – 1600 DPI
Logitech M570 Logitech M570 Ergonomic MouseWireless400 DPI
HAVIT 2.4G HAVIT 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse
Wireless800 – 1600 DPI
Adesso iMouse E10Adesso iMouse E10 Vertical Mouse
Wireless1000 – 2000 DPI
LuguLakeLuguLake Vertical Mouse
Wired1000 DPI

A regular mouse used in the offices and home PCs has no issues in general. But, when used for prolonged hours, it can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal tunnel syndrome which can even do permanent damage to the wrist.

An ergonomic vertical mouse can prevent repetitive strain injuries, conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and ensure correct wrist posture. Further, in this article, I have explained the different benefits of a vertical mouse.

First, lets begin with the my recommendations for best vertical mice of 2019 that you can choose if you want to ditch your regular mouse and go pain-free!

1. Anker AK-UBA – Best Vertical Wireless Mouse

Anker AK-UBA vertical mouse


In the first place, we have the Anker AK-UBA Wireless Vertical Mouse. With the absolutely perfect design, wireless connectivity and adjustable DPI, this vertical mouse offers much more than you would expect from it.

First of all, Anker has implemented a scientific ergonomic design ensuring the most comfortable and neutral wrist position which is healthy for your wrist and the arm. There’s a groove for the thumb on one side while the click buttons and scroller are inclined on the other side.

As I could feel, the grip is quite comfortable and eases the mouse movement but if you are a first timer then it could take a few hours to get accustomed to it especially while gaming. The click buttons are appropriately placed and easily accessible along with extra buttons for previous and next for convenience.

Anker Vertical mouse uses an optical sensor for sensing your mouse movements accurately; even those lighting fast glides you do in your games.

There’s a dedicated button right above the thumb groove to manage the DPI of the mouse. You can switch between 800, 1200 and 1600 DPI with just the push of the button.

For the aesthetics, the Anker Wireless vertical mouse offers a professional look with black and grey color combination and a shape that stands out. The design appeals to both officials and casual gamers.

As it is a wireless vertical mouse, Anker AK-UBA uses 2 AAA batteries for power. The battery life satisfactory and you can enjoy this mouse for several months with a single set of batteries. It becomes possible because of the better power management as it goes into power saving mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

A small disappointed was when I tried connecting it with my iMac, the Next / Previous buttons do not work out of the box though there are some software-based workarounds for that.

At an affordable price and comfortable design, Anker AK-UBA is the overall best vertical mouse with wireless connectivity.


✔️ Scientific Ergonomic Design
✔️ 800 – 1600 DPI
✔️ Optical Sensor Technology
✔️ Auto Power Saving Mode
✔️ Good Battery Life
✔️ Max Comfort


❌ Few buttons won’t work on Mac OS

2. Logitech MX Vertical – Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse


Logitech MX vertical mouse leaves no stones unturned to keep your wrist at the natural angle of 57 degrees for the complete comfort of your forearm. With this mouse, your forearm will always stay in the handshake position.

A study by Logitech revealed that this unique design reduces forearm muscle strain by 10% as compared to traditional mice.

The shape of this vertical mouse is precisely ergonomic having a larger base which contracts upwards into a shiny flat oval bar on the top. That’s where you get a thumb button and the Logitech logo.

The whole body is made with soft-touch material that feels super smooth and comfortable. Also, this vertical mouse is extremely lightweight and glides so freely across the mousepad. To track the movements, Logitech uses a 4000 DPI laser sensor.

Though the sensor tracks perfectly for normal usage, for a gamer (like me) this comes as a ‘little’ disappointment; little because high DPI only matters if you’re an MMORPG fan. In case you are, you can check out my recent post where I listed out some really good MMO gaming mice with crazy high DPI and extra buttons.

Logitech MX Vertical can connect via Bluetooth Smart, 2.4G wireless connection as well USB C cable. The mouse also supports cross-computer control up to 3 systems. That means you can use the same mouse with three computers simultaneously.

I also want to mention the rechargeable batteries of this mouse which lasted around 3 and a half months in a single charge. That’s insane power saving!

With great features and ergonomic design, Logitech MX Vertical is definitely the best mouse for carpal tunnel supporting correct wrist posture.


✔️ 57 Degree tilt Design
✔️ 4000 DPI
✔️ Laser Sensor Technology
✔️ Cross-Computer Support
✔️ Good Battery Life
✔️ Max Comfort


❌ Bit Expensive

3. J-Tech Digital V628 (Gen2) – Best Vertical Gaming Mouse

J-Tech Digital V628


If looks are equally important for you as the wrist comfort, my recommendation for users like you is the J-Tech Digital V268 Gen2 vertical mouse having the perfect balance of looks and convenience.

Talking about the design, the J-Tech Digital V268 Gen2 has unique LED lighting that would please all the gamers out there. Apart from that, there’s a glossy finish giving the premium look to the body. Put it on your desk and see it add to the beauty of your gaming setup.

J-Tech Digital has also put great efforts into making it truly ergonomic in terms of design. With a slightly tilted head and thumb groove, you hand always stays in the neutral handshake position no matter how much you play or work.

The best part of this vertical mouse is the Palm Rest – a detachable pad that supports your wrist from the bottom for added comfort. You can add or remove it according to your liking. I suggest using it with the palm rest on for lesser drag and smoother movement on any surface.

Not only comfortable, but J-Tech Digital V628 vertical mouse is also a performer when it comes to sensing mouse movements. It uses a very precise Laser sensor for pinpoint accuracy which is a plus point, especially for gamers. Just like other vertical mice, there are two thumb buttons for next/previous navigation.

Also, there is a dedicated DPI button to adjust the DPI without any software. There are three choices – 600, 1000 (default) & 1600. This feature comes in handy while playing FPS games. You can also refer to my updated list of best FPS mouse in 2019 if you want to ace first-person shooting games.

Compatibility is also a non-issue with this vertical mouse as it takes simple plug-n-play to be used with any Windows, Mac or Linux system.

It is a bit on the expensive side but, my friend, that’s a reasonable price to pay for unmatched comfort and eye-catchy looks.

Overall, the J-Tech Digital V628 Gen2 vertical mouse the best vertical mouse for gaming with LED lighting. I just hope they release a wireless version of this early. In case you want a wireless mouse for playing games, refer my guide on the wireless mouse for gaming.


✔️ Ergonomic Design
✔️ 600 – 1600 DPI
✔️ Unique LED Lighting
✔️ Precise Laser Sensor
✔️ Detachable Palm Rest
✔️ Wide Compatibility


❌ DPI button at the Bottom

3. Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4


Next up is a premium vertical mouse that offers a plethora of features – the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4. With patented shape and custom mouse manager software, this one is something cannot ignore while buying a vertical mouse.

The highlight of this mouse is the patented ergonomic design which holds your forearm upright without twisting and reduces strain on the carpal tunnel. The thumb groove is situated comparatively higher than other vertical mice. It ensures the thumb is as up-right as needed.

On the right side where the click buttons are situated, there is an extended edge at the bottom which prevents your pinky finger from touching your desk or your mouse pad. That makes mouse movements much easy and comfortable.

For accurately tracking the mouse movement, Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 uses an optical sensor. You can also adjust the Pointer Speed with the dedicated button which is positioned aptly under the middle finger. So, you can change the speed without having to lose your grip at all. The LEDs on the top indicate the current speed of the mouse.

Similarly, on the thumb side, you get two buttons above and below the thumb groove which, by default, act as next and back navigation buttons.

Apart from the ergonomic design, Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 is also known for the Mouse Manager software. With this software, you can customize what action each button on this vertical mouse performs. More interestingly, you can also customize how they act in different programs. That means you can even use it as your game controller too!

This vertical mouse is widely compatible with most operating systems including Windows 8, 10, Mac and Linux distros as well.

I know there are a lot of features in this vertical mouse, but I still kind of feel that it is overpriced and the only downside I see with this one. Otherwise, the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 is the most premium vertical mouse money can buy.


✔️ Patented Ergonomic Design
✔️ Adjustable Pointer Speed
✔️ Programmable Buttons
✔️ LED Speed Indicator
✔️ Optical Sensor Technology
✔️ Wide Compatibility


❌ Comparitively Overpriced

4. Anker 2.4G – Best Wired Vertical Mouse

anker 2.4g wired vertical mouse


The Anker Wired Vertical Mouse is one of the most popular vertical mouse available on Amazon. This one is actually the wired cousin of Anker AK-UBA Vertical Mouse and comes at a lower cost than its sibling.

Ergonomically, this vertical mouse possesses the exact same design as the wireless model that we talked about in the first place. It has got the same thumb section with next and previous buttons, the same black and grey accent design.

Because it is a wired vertical mouse, there are no batteries inside which makes it lighter than the wireless one. Having used both of them, I could easily feel the difference in weight and the ease in moving it around. Those who prefer a lightweight mouse, this one is a better option.

The common issue with USB mice is the length of the USB cable, but, thanks to the folks at Anker that they have used an almost 5ft (1.5m) long cable. You can easily move it around on your desk over a larger space while playing map bases games like Fortnite etc.

This vertical mouse also uses the same Precise Optical Tracking Technology which gives better performance than a standard optical mouse. There is a DPI adjustment button too but this one only has two levels to choose between 1000 and 1600 while the wireless version has three. You can also use this as a vertical mouse for gaming.

Not only the features but it also inherits a drawback from its wireless cousin – the incompatibility of next/previous button with Mac OS.

It is priced lower thus becomes even more affordable. In my opinion, this one is the best wired vertical mouse available in the market today.


✔️ Scientific Ergonomic Design
✔️ 1000 / 1600 DPI
✔️ USB Wired Interface
✔️ Longer USB cable
✔️ Much Affordable


❌ Only two DPI settings
❌ Won’t Work out of the box with Mac OS

5. Logitech M570 – Best Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech M570 Ergonomic Mouse


If you are a brand fanatic and use almost everything from Logitech for your PC, here is their most popular ergonomic mouse – the Logitech M570.

See, this is not exactly a vertical mouse but it’s ergonomic shape postures your wrist in a strain-free position. It has a sculpted body for better comfort and grip. And, the best part is you can use the mouse without having to move your hand at all – thanks to the special trackball.

For the first time users, it will be a little difficult to use this mouse as it completely the flips from the concept of the regular mouse. But, once your brain gets used to it, there is no more comfortable mouse than the Logitech M570. Imagine moving your pointer without moving the mouse – isn’t that interesting?

Also, it is a wireless mouse that uses a robust 2.4GHz wireless connection with a possibly the largest range i.e. up to 30 feet. It uses the Logitech Unifying Receiver that can single-handedly connect up to 7 compatible devices including this mouse.

Commonly, wireless vertical mice have batteries that tend to die faster but Logitech M570 claims to have a battery life of up to 18 months. And, it uses the standard AA batteries which are readily available.

This mouse uses an adjustable Laser Sensor under the trackball having a resolution of 540. But you can only do it with software and there is no dedicated DPI button.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the Logitech M570 vertical mouse is compatible with all common operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X 10.5+ and Linux as well.

My final verdict on Logitech M570 is that it is clearly the most innovative and best ergonomic mouse that’s why its included in this list. But, if you are strictly looking for a vertical mouse, check out other options I have listed.


✔️ Innovative Ergonomic Design
✔️ Thumb Trackball Technology
✔️ 2.4GHz RF Wireless Connection
✔️ Upto 7 Device Connections
✔️ Accurate Laser Sensor
✔️ Widely Compatible


❌ No Dedicated DPI button

6. HAVIT 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse

HAVIT 2.4G ergonomic mouse


The next addition to our list of the best vertical mouse is the Havit 2.4G Vertical Mouse. If you haven’t found the perfect match as per your needs, this one could be the right one for you.

First off, it has a wide contoured design which makes your palm rest comfortably in the correct position over the mouse. It helps in preventing RSI and Carpal Tunnel syndrome to an extent.

This vertical mouse uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection using which you can operate it even from a distance of 10m (without any interference).  I personally had it working pretty fine from one corner of my room (almost 4.5m away from my desk) which is a pretty cool thing to do.

For adjusting DPI on-the-fly, there’s a button located on the right side of the mouse just behind the click buttons. Such positioning makes it very easy to adjust the DPI without even lifting your fingers. You can choose between 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI.

Apart from the click, scroll and DPI buttons, there are two more buttons which you can use to navigate Back and Forward in various web browsers etc.

If you have used any Havit product, you would know that they take special care of durability. And that’s what they did with this one. This vertical mouse made of very durable ABS material and it possesses a matte finish which adds to the beauty. If you hate those fingerprint marks on your mouse, this one won’t attract any!

Without a doubt, this vertical mouse has a perfect balance between design, ergonomics and price. In my opinion, you don’t want to spend much and still want all the features, the Havit 2.4G Vertical Mouse is the best value for money vertical mouse.


✔️ Comfortable Ergonomic Design
✔️ 800 – 1600 DPI
✔️ 2.4GHz Wireless connection
✔️ Durable ABS Material
✔️ 10m Wireless Range
✔️ Value for Money


❌ Nothing as such

7. Adesso iMouse E10 Vertical Mouse

Adesso iMouse E10


Did you say it looks completely like the Anker’s vertical mouse? This is the Adesso iMouse E10 and yes it does looks like the Anker one. 😛 But, wait it is not a blatant copy, there are features that differentiate it from our top choice vertical choice.

To begin with, the DPI switch is placed at a similar position but the Adesso iMouse E10 vertical mouse offers higher DPI levels to choose i.e. 1000, 1500, 2000 DPI. The higher DPI enables faster response at high-speed movements.

Talking about the shape, this also takes advantage of the handshake grip and minimizes the wrist pain which occurs due to the twisted forearm position.

It uses an Optical sensor for effectively tracking the mouse movements. This advanced Optical Sensor technology tracks the mouse movements precisely and also lets you use it on most glass, wood or marble surfaces even if you don’t have a mousepad.

It connects with your PC or laptop via a tiny 2.4 GHz RF receiver that you plug into your PC/laptop. This enables your mouse to work even from a distance of 30ft.

There are a total of 6 buttons which include two separate navigation buttons on the thumb side while the DPI switch is on the top head of the vertical mouse.

Adesso iMouse E10 works on 2 AAA batteries and there’s a battery saving on/off switch at the base that allows you to turn it off when not in use and extend the battery life.

A small downside here is that it is officially compatible till Windows 8 and Mac OS X above. You may face some issues connecting it with your PC or laptop running Windows 10.

Overall, the Adesso iMouse E10 is a good vertical mouse for mac but it is a bit overpriced. Similar features are available in almost half the price.


✔️ Neutral Ergonomic Design
✔️ 1000 – 2000 DPI
✔️ Advanced Optical Sensor
✔️ 2.4GHz RF Wireless Connection
✔️ 30ft Wireless Range


❌ Priced Comparitively Higher

8. LuguLake Vertical Mouse

Lugulake Vertical Mouse


If you are looking for a budget option that works well, the LuguLake Vertical Mouse is a great option focused totally on the wrist comfort and nothing else.

LuguLake has incorporated an ergonomic design which promotes neutral wrist position. There is a groove for the thumb on one side while the click buttons or the other side just the way it should be.

The buttons are well placed and easily operatable without having to contort your fingers. Also, it requires lesser button force for clicking adding to the ease of use and comfort. The keystroke lifetime is over 8 million times making it a quite durable vertical mouse.

It has 1000 DPI sensor that ensures precise tracking and better sensitivity. While it works perfectly for normal mouse usage, but, there is no way to adjust the DPI which could be a negative for some users.

As it a wired vertical mouse, it uses a USB 2.0 interface to connect to your computer. It uses a long 4.43ft wire for easy mouse movement.

Though there are no extraordinary features in this vertical mouse, considering the inexpensive price combined with the necessary ergonomic design, the LuguLake Vertical Mouse is the best budget vertical mouse that you can buy now!


✔️ Neutral Wrist Position
✔️ 1000 DPI sensor
✔️ USB 2.0 Interface
✔️ 4.4 ft USB cable
✔️ Inexpensive


❌ DPI cannot be adjusted
❌ Lacks Extra Buttons

Key Benefits of a Vertical Mouse

Following are the 4 main benefits of using a vertical mouse:

  1. Keeps the wrist and forearm in a strain-free neutral position that reduces pressure on muscles.
  2. Reduces the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by preventing the median nerve being compressed due to the forearm and wrist pronation.
  3. Helps in keeping the wrist completely off the desk further reducing wrist pressure.
  4. For those already suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, a vertical mouse can help them preventing wrist movement and use the mouse with forearm only.

But, how does an ergonomic vertical mouse is able to do that? Let me tell you that in detail.

Being busy with our work (or games), we generally overlook how are we holding the mouse and the harm it can cause.

A non-ergonomic mouse (standard mouse) pushes the hand into a palm-down position which creates pressure on the tendons in the carpal tunnel in the wrist.

Hand position without using a vertical mouse

Actually, the most favorable position for least stress on the wrist is with the thumb facing up (like a handshake). In fact, many Americans suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome just because of the wrong mouse and hand position.

Therefore, it becomes a matter of concern for all those officials and professional gamer who use the mouse for the maximum time of the day.

The Solution: A Vertical Mouse

Using a vertical mouse

A Vertical Mouse makes sure that your wrist position is neutral and there is minimum stress on the wrist muscles. This becomes possible because of the unique shape of the vertical mouse that allows you to use a mouse in the “handshake position” without twisting the forearm.

I hope now you have understood, how important it is to use a vertical mouse if you are having wrist pain or want to avoid any such condition.

How to hold a Vertical Mouse properly?

  • While holding the vertical mouse, always rest all your fingers and thumb on the mouse
  • Make sure the weight of hand is on the side your pinky finger for more comfort.
  • The underside of your wrist should have the least possible pressure.


So, folks, this was my roundup of best vertical mice that reduce chances of any kind wrist injury.

It is clearly an innovative product and you would not regret buying one for yourself if you also feel uncomfortable using a regular mouse.

As always, here are my personal recommendations on vertical mice.

What is the Best Vertical Mouse?

After hours of testing, I can conclude that Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is the clear winner as the overall best vertical mouse in both wired and wireless models. For Gamers, I cannot recommend anything else than the J-Tech Digital V268.

For budget buyers, Lugulake Vertical mouse is a good option but the difference is only a few bucks, so if you can, go for an Anker one. And, those who look for the maximum bang for their bucks, choose the Evoluent VerticalMouse4 – the most premium vertical mouse in my opinion.

I have tried my best to mention everything I could about the vertical mice. Still, if you think I have missed something, do let me know in comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your gaming groups on social media. Any Doubts? Let’s discuss in comments section below.


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