How to start a YouTube Gaming Channel [Step by Step Guide]

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It is not that difficult to start a Youtube gaming channel. All you have to do is to follow a few of the Youtube creator’s guidelines and provide all the information in the signup process. Boom! After that your channel is ready.

Once you are done with the all the formalities of the signup process, now comes the part where you have to decide on what platform you will choose to create your gaming videos, let’s call it a step 1.

Step 1: Choose Your Platform

There are many options for you to choose to broadcast or post on Youtube. But it all depends on your likeness and the theme of your channel that I am sure you have already chosen in your mind before creating your gaming Youtube channel.

Just to give you an idea, you can take into consideration of the different media such as broadcasting on PS4, XboxOne and Gaming PC. For sure, starting on a gaming pc, fulfilling all the requirements of the hardware and software can be a hard task. So, its better you start off on a gaming console.

Step 2: Do some Investment in Equipment

If you are just a noob, then obviously you don’t have to invest much in buying high-end equipment but you should have at least basic equipment kit to record your stuff. It could be anything, headsets, microphone, capture card and even the console itself.

If you have decided to get a brand new gaming laptop or PC, don’t move to the high price at this time rather invest in some good quality microphone for Youtubers. The quality of your voice plays an important role in creating your channel big. If you don’t plan to show off your face on your channel, then it is a must to have the good quality sound of the videos you upload, because your voice will be your identity and it has to sound clean to the viewers without any glitches.

If you have a second thought in mind asking, can you become big on youtube without showing your face? Yes, it’s absolutely possible to grow big on youtube without showing your face. In fact, there are many channels currently running which are successful without showing their real face, and their audiences are desperately waiting for them to reveal their faces. Here is a popular youtube channel you can seek as an example in this case.

By the way, if you want to attract subscribers to your Youtube channel, focus on creating high-quality content which can help your audience in a certain way. Because as rightly said,

The biggest marketing mantra is the word-of-mouth marketing, but to earn the trust, you have to first deliver something helpful.

Step 3: Focus on High-Quality Content

Focus on creating quality content from Day 1. Trust me, it sounds simple, but it is the most difficult part that many YouTubers are failed to deliver. They often move towards shortcuts seeing their videos doesn’t perform well, but the real truth is – You have to be patient.

If you focus on creating high-quality gaming videos without even looking at the results, I am giving you my words, your hard work will pay off at the end. Create simple, short videos in the starting because most people won’t watch a 30-40 minute long video unless you are a famous gaming Youtuber.

According to a recent study, a good length video is in between 2 to 3 minute, but the bingo spot is 2 minutes. But if your videos are long, then it has to be in under 10 minutes at most.

Step 4: Promote Your Work

If you are by any chance thinking that uploading the videos on your gaming youtube channel is the only work you have to do, then you are certainly very wrong my friend.

Once you have uploaded your new video on your channel, the next task for you is to promote it across different social media channels to get the early attracting which will help in pushing your content across the Youtube audience, it’s a part of Youtube algorithm.

Get yourself engaged in Youtube meetups, with bloggers and be a part of different communities across different platforms to promote the content of your Youtube channel.

Step 5: Reply Your Viewers

Personally, I don’t feel good when I see many videos on youtube which has got plenty of comments on it, but the creator doesn’t really reply to any. What you can expect after that – UNSUBSCRIBE! Yes, I do that myself. So replying to your viewers when they comment on any of your videos is an important part to grow your youtube channel big.

All you have to do is to fix a particular time of the day and decide, I am going to interact with my audience at this time. That’s it, it’s simple. Doing this over a period of time, you will see new people subscribing your channel and this audience you will get is 100% pure gold. So always replay back to your comment and keep the conversation going.

See this video to get an idea of how exactly it is supposed to be done. Create a community after that and gather your audience at a single place.

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Step 6: Be Consistent

The last thing you want for your channel is to not upload the videos consistently. Just think of an instance, your viewers came to your channel to see a new video as promised and saw nothing new posted by you. What will be the outcome – they eventually thought of leaving and this indirectly pulls down your channel in Youtube rankings.

So, before creating your channel, decide whether you have time to be consistent on your gaming Youtube channel or not. If you are looking for some sort of guide to help you schedule your posting on your new Youtube channel, then you can take a look at this one right here.

Step 7: Build Your Reputation

Just have this thing in mind that being on Youtube is not only about creating content and posting it for your viewers. Apart from that, you have to provide value to the system. It could be your life experiences or your research on any matter which can be easily related with your viewers.

The more the people can relate to you as an individual, the more you can easily grow your Youtube channel. It’s all about putting your feet in your viewer’s shoes and thing relatively.

Step 8: Bang On! Get Ready!

I have saved the golden words for the end. It is not rocket science to create Youtube gaming channel, the only thing which will take the maximum of your hard work is to grow it to the top, that’s some real hard stuff right there waiting for you.

If you are not willing to put the hard work and dedication required to make the successful Youtube gaming channel, then keep one thing in mind which is – You simply don’t deserve to be on the top.

Rest is all in your hands. Keep dreaming, keep running and don’t forget, gamers won’t quit easily.

How to Live Stream Games on Youtube

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How to start a YouTube Gaming Channel – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I know many newbies have a whole lot of different questions in their mind before taking their first step to creating a Youtube Gaming Channel. So keeping all that in mind, I have accumulated my entire knowledge in answering all the questions possible right here in the FAQs section. In case, I have missed out on any, feel free to ask them in the COMMENT SECTION.

What Should I Name My Youtube Channel?

I always recommend naming your channel something related to your niche. However, If you look at the current trends, you will see catchy names are performing well on Youtube, But I still recommend to choose a sensible name as it does play an important role in determining the success of your Youtube channel.

What will I do If I get the content ID claim or I was asked to provide the permission from the copyright owner to use a particular gameplay material?

If ever you get to deal with the situation like this, then providing the actual permission language written by a copyright owner’s legal team is the right solution. And to ease this process many well-known developers and publishers have this on their website itself. In case you won’t find it on their website then follow these simple steps:

  • Ask the copyright owner to send the permission of authorization on their company letterhead.
  • Also, ask them to publish the content policies and permissions their website.
  • After that apply for the disputing the claim mentioning – You have the proper rights on paper to use this content.

Can I upload the footage from the very Old games and monetize them?

The short answer to your question is maybe or maybe not. You can upload the footage from the Old games as long as you adhere to the guidelines set by Youtube for the creators.

Can I use copyrighted music in the background of my gaming videos?

If you have permission from the copyright owner, then, of course, you can use any music in the background. But If you do not have permission from the copyright owner, I am seeing this as a bad idea to do it because Youtube is very strict with the content guidelines policy.

Can I use the copyrighted work in my videos after giving a credit to the owner in the description of the video?

No, it is simply a myth. Giving credit to the owner in the description of the video doesn’t give you the freedom to use his/her copyrighted material in your Youtube video.

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