Wired vs Wireless Mouse for Gaming: Does it Matter?

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Comparison Table – Wireless Mouse vs Wired Mouse

FeaturesWireless MouseWired Mouse
StabilityLess Stable than a Wired MouseMore Stable than a wireless Mouse
BatteryWireless Mouse is powered by AA battery or internal rechargeable battery.Wired Mouse is powered by Computer
ResponseWireless Mouse has slow response timeWired Mouse has fast response time
CostWireless Mouse is costlier then Wired MouseWired Mouse is cheaper than wireless Mouse
ReachWireless Mouse works for a longer
Wired Mouse works for a limited distance as tied with the wire
PortabilityWireless Mouse takes less space and is portableWired Mouse takes more space as compare to wireless mouse and are not portable

Wired or Wireless mouse? The age-old question. Well, not really but there is a lot of negative hype. Is wireless gaming mice no good for gaming? Find out in detail further in this article.

Now any professional gamer will tell you that wireless gaming mice are absolute trash for gaming.

But why?

Wireless gaming mice, keyboard or other wireless peripherals operate on a radio frequency. This radio frequency could fall under Bluetooth, infrared or even the WiFi in your house.

These radio signals are under constant bombardment from other radio signals in the environment and with each other.

And it’s because of this signal interference that we can sometimes get INPUT LAG.

Input lag is the delay between you pressing a button or clicking the mouse and the action appearing on the screen.

A good wired mouse would have almost no Input lags. Now you must be wondering, then why even bother with a wireless mouse.

The answer is, it really comes down to comfort and convenience.

Without cords to get in a way, wireless mice are an appealing option to those who hate cable clutter and love clean setups.

As far as convenience is concerned, portability and my option is an excellent thing for wireless mice.

But why it would matter to gamers?

Because we are often plaster to our desks shooting the villains in the games to die.

Shouldn’t I just be using a wired mouse because I am not really going anywhere? Well yes… but not everybody plays games at an elaborate battle station.

Most of the times we play on a crappy laptop. So for the gamer on the go, a wireless mouse looks like a suitable option.

One of the biggest problems with the wireless mouse is that it needs a battery. The battery can add weight to the mouse make it less ideal for the gaming situations and eventually it is going to run out of power.

All in all, if you are a super competitive or even a professional gamer, stick with the wired mice. Because every fraction of seconds does make a difference in these kinds of scenarios.

But for the average gamer guy who does not want to spend more, using a budget wireless gaming mouse is not totally a bad thing.

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