Are you building a micro ATX gaming rig? Awesome! Confused about which micro ATX case is the best? Don’t worry. Your problem will be solved definitely after reading this post. Today, I am sharing the list of best micro ATX cases that you can buy in 2019 including options for all budgets. Also find out which micro ATX case I used to build my mATX gaming rig recently. So, let’s begin!

First introduced in 1997, Micro ATX is now becoming the standard by replacing the regular ATX mobos. Obviously, nobody wants a bulky case when you can get better performance in lesser space. For those who do not know much about the case sizing, basically, the micro ATX cases are a bit smaller than the standard tower ATX cases but slightly bigger than the compact mini ITX cases.

So, If you are planning to build a new gaming rig for yourself, I strongly recommend using a micro ATX case and make a relatively small yet powerful pc for gaming!

But there are a few limitations with micro ATX cases as well. So, be careful about the size of the components that you want to fit in there. It can be a little tricky but most of the components like RAMs, coolers etc. have variants compatible with mATX cases.

Enough talking, let’s just go straight to the definitive list of best micro ATX cases available in 2019. We have reviewed micro ATX cases for all budgets so if you already have a budget in your mind, then you can simply jump to that particular budget section and choose the best micro ATX case in your budget!

Before we dive into the detailed reviews, check out the best micro ATX cases 2019 that we have ranked according to the performance, looks and budget!

Best Micro ATX Cases 2019 – Overall List

CategoryBest Micro ATX Cases 2019Latest Price on Amazon
Best Micro ATX Cases
Under $200
SilverStone Fortress 3 Micro ATX
NZXT H400i mATX case
Silverstone Tek SG12B
Phanteks Evolv mATX
Best Micro ATX Cases
Under $100
Corsair Obsidian 350D
BitFenix Prodigy M
Corsair Carbide Air 240
Cooler Master Silencio 352
Rexgear 1 Micro ATX
Best Micro ATX Cases
Under $50
Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1
Vivo Smart Case V06
Thermaltake Versa H15
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Choosing a Micro ATX Case

Before we move on to the detailed reviews of micro atx cases on the list, you must check out few important differences between cases that matter while choosing the perfect micro ATX case for gaming!

Now that you understand the advantages as well as the limitations of a micro ATX case, you can now easily choose a micro ATX case. To make things easier for you, I have divided them as per the budget so you can simply scroll and see what budget you are eyeing at and buy your micro ATX case accordingly.

Read more about Micro ATX cases on wikipedia.


Best Micro ATX Cases under $200

If you do not want to compromise on not even a single thing; be it the number of expansion slots, drive bays, multiple cooling systems or component clearances, then this is the right section for you.

Honestly speaking there are not much of options here in the high-end micro ATX cases unlike the mini-ITX cases where you have a lot of choices. But, the mATX cases that I have reviewed below are of premium quality and worth all the bucks that you’ll spend.

Getting a micro ATX case under $200 for your next pc build will provide you all sorts of options that anyone would be seeking, especially my gamer buddies!

So, let’s take a detailed look at the best micro ATX cases that you can buy under $200.

1. Silverstone Fortress 3 Micro ATX

SilverStone Aluminum Micro ATX Case
SilverStone Fortress 3 Micro ATX Case


At the very first place, I will be talking about the Silverstone Fortress 3 micro ATX case. With a price fairly under $200, this mATX case gives you super small footprint and yet allows you to use full-sized graphics cards, cpu coolers etc.

This case is the third model in the Fortress series and Silver stone has focussed on giving the maximum space possible for mainstream components. They have also removed all the cabling from the four sides that frees up a lot of space for users.

While assembling this SilverStone Fortress 3, I found that micro ATX motherboard has to be mounted at 90-degree rotation. This clever hack allows adding high-performance graphics card as long as 13.7 inches. So, you need to not buy a smaller sized graphics card. It is also compatible with standard PS2 (ATX) power supply. No compromises there!

You will also get three standard 3.5″ hard drive bays and one 2.5″ drive bay which is enough for all the storage you need. A unique thing worth mentioning that one of the three 3.5″ drive bays is hot-swappable as well.

Talking about cooling, you can fit two full-tower cpu coolers (up to 167mm) coupled with a top 120mm radiator. Also, There are 6 slots for case fans up to 120mm. You cannot for ask more! The stacked design also helps in cooling because of the natural upward movement of hot air.

On the top, you will find two USB 3.0 ports, 1 audio output and 1 mic. The outer case is made of sleek, 2.5mm thick sand-blasted and anodized aluminum that makes it solid as well as light-weight.

Overall, Silverstone Fortress 3 is one of the best micro ATX cases under $200 budget range. It looks strikingly perfect, fits perfect and performs perfect!

  • Sleek and Simple Design
  • Anodised Aluminum Body
  • Stack Cooling effect
  • Up to 13.7″ Graphics Card
  • Standard ATX PSU
  • Six 120mm Fans
  • Overpriced


2. NZXT H400i Micro ATX Case – Best micro atx gaming case

NZXT H400i Micro ATX Case
NZXT H400i Micro ATX Case


If you are more into showing off, NZXT H400i will make you look no further. As it supports both mini ITX as well as micro ATX, you can get the taste of both the worlds – compact and efficient.

NZXT is known for their exemplary design and innovative space management inside the case and H400i does justice to that very well. This premium micro-ATX case features a stunning tempered glass panel that showcases all the beasts that you have set up inside along with all the custom RGB lighting. It’s a treat to eyes for a gamer.

This ‘smart’ micro ATX case incorporates the features of HUE+ & GRID+ digital controllers supporting 3 fan channels and one channel for lighting. And, the smart Adaptive Noise Reduction cuts off up to 40% noise by automatically finding the optimal balance between cooling and noise.

The advanced lighting features a unique CAM-powered smart device that allows 9 modes out which three are dynamic and one sync-mode.

NZXT H400i micro ATX case has an all-steel construction that makes it sturdier and reduces noise as well. And the cooling potential by far the best among all the micro atx cases on our list.

You can fit two 140mm fans in front, one 120mm fan in the rear and two 140mm fans on the roof as well. And in case air cooling is not your thing, NZXT H400i support both AIO or custom loop liquid cooling systems. It can house 280mm radiator in front and 120mm in the back as well. That’s nothing less than freezing! 😀

Talking about storage, there is a little setback as you get only one 3.5” hard drive bay, though you can install upto four 2.5” drives.

If you will ask my opinion, NZXT H400i is no doubt the best looking micro ATX case with excellent cooling, great performance and tempered glass window as well.

  • Exemplary All-Steel Design
  • Tempered Glass Window
  • Advanced RGB Controller
  • AIO / Liquid Cooling
  • 5 cooling Fans
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Just one 3.5″ Drive
  • Expensive


3. Silverstone Tek SG12B

SilverStone SG12B Micro ATX Case
SilverStone SG12B Micro ATX Case


Next up is a very uniquely designed micro atx case – SilverStone SG12B. In fact, it does not looks like a computer case at all in the first look. For gamers, it can pair up with the gaming consoles seamlessly; probably giving some complex to the console itself in terms of design.

The SilverStone Tek SG12B looks smaller with its ‘shoebox’ design but don’t be fooled by that. The first time when I saw it, I was surprised by its storage options. You can install not 5-6 but NINE 2.5″ hard drives along with a couple of 3.5″ drives and it does not ends here; there’s a bay for one 5.25″ drive as well. That’s a behemoth of space! Can you imagine?

Apart from that, SilverStone Tek SG12B impresses gamers like me with its ability to house standard size components like 14.5″graphics cards and standard ATX power supply. There’s a 82mm clearance for cpu coolers and can fit upto 120mm side intake fans. So, you can stop worrying about cooling.

An interesting addition to the design is the sleek handle in right in the front. Not it adds to the aesthetic value of this micro-atx case, it also makes the case portable. Just in case, you are planning a gaming marathon at a friend’s place, you can just easily carry it around.

Though the front panel is made of glazed aluminum but the rest of case is just like a simple box making it noisier than other micro ATX cases.

Overall, if you want an ultimate gaming feel in terms of design as well as the capacity, SilverStone Tek SG12B proves to be a great choice. But the unorthodox design might be a total turn off for few.

  • Full size Components
  • ShoeBox Form factor
  • 14.5″ Graphics Card
  • 9 Hard Drive bays
  • Glazed Alumnium Chasiss
  • Handle fo Carrying
  • Comparitively Noisier


4. Phanteks EVOLV mATX Case

Phanteks Evolv mATX Case
Phanteks Evolv mATX Case


Before I begin talking about Phanteks Evolv mATX case, let me tell you this is expensive stuff. But the quality it delivers is all worth it. You will get premium 3mm Aluminum body with dual tempered glasses one on each side, RGB lighting and support for liquid cooling systems as well.

Actually, tempered glass is costly and this micro ATX case has two, so the price has to go higher. One of the tempered glass is clear that allows you to showcase the inner components with RGB lighting that brings your gaming build to life. While the other one is tinted that sits on the back side of the motherboard.

Not just the exteriors but the interior of this micro ATX case is also impressive. There are a lot of options for cabling with multiple routing holes of varied sizes. The best part is that all the PSU and motherboard cabling is hidden that gives a cleaner look the interiors.

The Phanteks Evolv mATX case supports up to three 120mm fans at the front and two 140mm fans at the top. If you opt for liquid cooling, you can install a 360mm radiator at the front and a 280mm radiator at the top which is more than enough even for overclocked systems.

My only concern with this micro ATX case is ventilation. Generally, when tempered glass window is present, the manufacturers take care of air flow. The cold air gets in from the front just through the slits on the side and hot air exhausts from the top which is not quite enough in my opinion. Though Evolv mATX case’s airflow is not the worst but it could have been better.

Overall, the Phanteks Evolv micro-ATX case is loaded with lot of features making it one of the best micro ATX cases with tempered glass windows and liquid cooling support.

  • Premium Design
  • 3mm Aluminum Body
  • Dual Tempered Glass Windows
  • 5 Fans + 2 Radiators 
  • Hidden Cabling
  • Airflow Could be better
  • Not for Budget Buyers


Best Micro ATX Cases under $100

In case you do not want to spend a lot, then you can find some good options for micro ATX cases under $100.

Brands like Corsair, Cooler Master have come up with some amazing mATX cases between $50 and $99 range. With options for multiple case fans, drive bays and cool designs, I personally prefer this range for building my own gaming rig.

If you want a good balance between performance, design and affordability than you must go with mATX cases that I have reviewed in this category.

Also, the price difference between the ‘under $200’ and ‘under $100’ category is around 20-30 bucks; that’s how much you are going to save on this section. So, go on and check out the reviews of micro ATX cases under $100.


1. Corsair Obsidian Series 350D

Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Case
Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Case


The first one in the category of best micro atx cases under $100 is Corsair Obsidian 350D. If you have used any of the Corsair products, you would be knowing the level of customer satisfaction they provide. And on the same lines, Corsair Obsidian 350D is also the most popular micro atx case based on the customer reviews on Amazon.

Actually, I have deciphered the reason for its immense popularity which is loads of features in budget price.

In terms of cooling, you will get tremendous space for five fans in total and a 240mm radiator too. And storage is also not a problem as you can mount two 2.5″ drives, two 3.5″ drives and two 5.25″ drives. Apart from that, there are five expansion slots as well. Amazing, right?

Although the design not very fancy, the windowed side panel definitely catches the eyes especially with RGB enabled components. Talking about the components, this micro ATX case can house dual full-length graphics cards and a full-sized liquid cpu coolers also. So, that’s a plus too.

You get two USB 3.0 ports, audio ports and a flexible cooling mode button right on the front panel. The panel is removable just in case you want better air circulation.

If you’re a newbie and do not like all the screwing and unscrewing, then Corsair Obsidian 350D has a special feature just for you. All the components on this micro atx case are tool-free that means you not to push all those screws to get your build ready. All you need is to just push them into their respective slots and done!

Though Corsair Obsidian 350D micro ATX case is satisfactorily quiet when used with standard fans, when I pushed in my 2000 RPM fan, the buzzing noise was quite audible. So I believe this is not meant for high powered fans!

After considering everything, in my opinion, Corsair Obsidian 350D is the best micro atx case under $100 range. So, if you want loads of features at a budget price, just buy it now!

  • Sleek Minimal Design
  • Windowed Side panel
  • 6 Drive Bays
  • Five Fans
  • Tool Free Installation
  • Affordable Price
  • Can be Noisy with high RPM Fan


2. BitFenix Prodigy M – Best looking micro atx case

BitFenix Prodigy M Micro ATX Case
BitFenix Prodigy M Micro ATX Case


The BitFenix Prodigy M mAtx case is one of my personal favorites in terms of aesthetics and variety. With the uniquely styled handles on all four sides and choice of six different colors, this micro ATX case has a plethora of great features to build an ultimate gaming rig.

To make the case portable, BitFenix has used a smaller frame which reduces the internal space to some extent. Though this mATX case can fit almost anywhere as well as it is super lightweight to carry, but to put in all the components can be task (not for everyone).

If I talk about the room for components, there are 5 PCI slots, five 2.5” drive bays, four 3.5” drive bays and one 5.25” drive bay but all that leaves just enough room for slim 240mm coolers. Not everyone uses all the slots and bays in thier builds, but for those who are planning the same gonna need some really tiny fingers to get the job done (you may consider Lilliputs 😛 )

The whole body of the case is made of steel and a windowed panel is provided on one side to show off your assembly inside. An interesting fact about this case is that it is compatible with both mATX and mITX motherboards. So, in case you feel like switching to mini-ITX, you won’t have to change the case.

One thing that I find awkward is the I/O ports positioning, the USB and audio ports are on the side of the case which is kinda difficult to access. Also, if you are looking forward to a water cooling system, there is no way to use DVD drive alongside because of the space problem.

In my opinion, the BitFenix Prodigy M is one of the smallest micro ATX cases under $100 tag having a good balance between space and aesthetics.

  • Unique design with Handlbar
  • Window Side Panel
  • 5 PCI Expansion slots
  • 10 Drive Bays
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Compatible with mATX & mITX
  • Not so Easy Assembly


3. Corsair Carbide Air 240 – Best micro atx cube case


Corsair Carbide Air 240 Micro ATX Case
Corsair Carbide Air 240 Micro ATX Case


The next one on my list of best micro ATX cases is again from Corsair, the Carbide Air 240. If you are someone who is not much into looks but cooling matters to you, this micro ATX case is the best option to buy.

Looking at the strange design, it is definitely not one of the best looking micro ATX case, but Corsair has compromised design for ultimate cooling, internal space and convenience. Well, that’s what majorly matters in any pc case.

The oversized vents that you see on the top and front half of the panels are meant for maintaining optimal surface airflow. They suck the cool air into the machine to cool off the heat generating components like CPU, CPU and HDDs. And, that hot air is pushed out of the case from the back and the top of the case.

They didn’t stop there and provided nine fan mounts in this case, so cooling is definitely not a problem. Additionally, if you are a liquid-cooling buff, you can choose to add up to three radiators on the top, bottom or front of the case.

Talking about the space inside, there is room for everything you want to fit in. With three 3.5″ drives, three 2.5″ drives, four PCI expansion slots, graphics card upto 290mm, PSU upto 225mm and 9 cooling fans, the Corsair Carbide Air 240 offers even more than what you can ask for.

On the convenience part, Corsair has incorporated tool-free installation for most of the components as well the panels. So, there is minimum tool involved while assembling and disassembly this micro ATX case.

Overall, Corsair Carbide Air 240 is the best micro ATX case in terms of cooling. If you are an overclocker or a heavy gamer who needs excessive cooling, this mATX case is the right choice for you.

  • Heavy Air Ventilation
  • 6 Drive Bays
  • Four Expansion Slots
  • 290mm Graphics Card
  • Nine Fan Mounts
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Nothing Negative


4. Coolermaster Silencio 352

Cooler Master Silencio 352 Micro ATX Case
Cooler Master Silencio 352 Micro ATX Case


The most inexpensive micro ATX case in this category is Cooler Master Silencio 352 priced at just a few dollars above $50. But don’t be fooled by the low price, you won’t have to sacrifice anything for this budget-friendly micro ATX case.

Cooler Master Silencio 352 is not too small nor too big; it’s just adequate to house all the components that a regular gamer would want without taking up much space on the desk. Again, the prime focus for this micro ATX case is space and cooling instead of the fancy design.

There is enough internal space to house one 5.25″ drive, three 3.5″ drive and four 2.5″ drives. You can use maximum 4 high-powered cooling fans or opt for two liquid-cooled radiators (240mm front, 120mm rear). For extra cooling, the top panel can be removed completely.

There is 155mm clearance for CPU coolers and 14 inch for a graphics card that makes it perfect for fuller size components. Maintenance is also very easy with multiple dust filters, lesser the dust easier the cleaning.

The features that gives the name ‘Silencio’ to this micro ATX case is the noise-dampening side panels. Actually, the side panels have strategically placed foam insulation that absorbs the noise from the internal components to give extra silent operation.

In fact, Cooler Master Silencio 352 is the most silent micro ATX case that you can buy under the budget of $100. If looks is not your first preference, then you can opt for this mATX case right away!

  • Really Silent Operation
  • 8 Drive Bays (one 5.25″)
  • Up to 14″ Graphics Card
  • Dust Filters
  • Liquid Cooling Support
  • Affordable Price
  • Exteriors Could be Better
  • No Window


5. Rexgear 1 Micro ATX

Rexgear 1 Micro ATX Case
Rexgear 1 Micro ATX Case


At the end of this section, I have got an extra wide cubic option for you with Rexgear 1 Micro ATX case. With impressive design and compact form factor, you can get this micro ATX case at a budget-friendly price close to the Cooler Master Silencio 352.

Rexgear 1 is optimized for small form factor builds with support for mini ITX as well as micro ATX motherboards. It has an intuitively designed front panel with lots of vents for proper air flow. On the top corner, you will get the Input-Output ports along with two knobs using which you can control the cooling fan speeds.

On the inside, there is a lot of space to arrange different components according to your needs. This spacious micro ATX case fits full-length standard ATX power supply, has up to 280mm clearance for CPU/GPU liquid coolers and longer graphics card up to 345 mm (with front 200mm fan removed).

One thing I liked the most about this case is the removable motherboard tray that allows easy access to other parts like hard drives, graphics card and power supply.

Unlike other windowed micro ATX cases in this list, Rexgear 1 has a small yet well placed see-through window on one of the side panels. It sufficiently covers what needs to be covered and displays what needs to be displayed.

You can choose from 4 different colors: Orange, Black, Green and White in case you’re building a gaming rig around a theme color ( I prefer orange 😉 ).

No doubt, as it comes at an inexpensive price with lots of features to fiddle with, I have labelled Rexgear 1 as the best affordable micro ATX case for all the gamers out there.

  • Killer Looks
  • Proper Airflow
  • Up to 345mm GPU
  • Small Footprint
  • See-Through window
  • Four Color Variants
  • Bit Heavy to Carry


Best Micro ATX Cases under $50

Are very tight on budget and don’t want to spend anything above $50? Well, I have got you covered here as well. In the following section, you can choose some of most inexpensive micro ATX cases for your gaming build.

Despite being quite cheap, the design is very clean and minimalistic. If you are a fan of all the shine and LED lights, then you might be disappointed. But, if you want something that just works great, then you can choose anyone from the micro ATX cases reviewed below.

Another thing to be noted about the mATX cases under $50 is that they are extremely light-weight and easy to carry. That’s because these cases are not typically built with steel but don’t worry they do not compromise much on durability. Still, I advise using some extra protection if you are carrying it to your friend’s place or moving out.

The rest of the things you can see yourself in the detailed reviews of micro ATX cases under $50.

1. Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG – Best budget micro atx case

Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 Micro ATX Case
Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 Micro ATX Case


To begin with this section, I am going to talk about the popular MasterBox Lite 3.1 from Cooler Master. With lightweight material, modern design and tons of space, MasterBox Lite 3.1 steals the show in this section without a doubt.

The perfect balance between design and spacing is commendable. You will get a full edge-to-edge tempered glass panel with this edition. The front panel uses dark mirrors to give a futuristic shape as well as look!

MasterBox Lite 3.1 is not only compatible with full-size components like long graphics cards (380mm) and water cooling but it also has impressive cable management as well. They have placed the hard drive cage at the bottom to make the hard drive installation easier.

The only downside is the number of cooling fans, you can only use three fans not larger than 120mm with this micro ATX case. Though the fans are high-powered, I seriously doubt how much cooling can you achieve with them. If you’re choosing this mATX case, then go for liquid cooling instead.

There is not enough customization available like RGB controllers etc but yes, you can choose from three different color trims to match it with other components. All three colors come in the box, so you can switch as you wish. And bro, how much can you ask for when you’re spending just $50.

Overall, Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 tempered glass edition is best micro ATX case to buy under $50. It is good blend of space and design at an extremely affordable price.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Tempered Glass Window
  • Futuristic Design
  • Up to 380mm GPU
  • Water Cooling Support
  • Not Impressed with Air Cooling


2. Vivo CASE V06

Vivo Smart V06 Micro ATX Case
Vivo Smart V06 Micro ATX Case


Here is another budget micro ATX case option for you – the VIVO CASE-V06. It is designed specifically for gamers with advanced airflow and water cooling support.

There are five fan mounts up to 120mm in size and it can also house 162mm high CPU cooler for maximum cooling. Along with that, there are four PCIe expansion slots, space for 330mm VGA card and power supply up to 160mm.

As far as the storage is concerned, there is space for two 3.5″ drives and two 2.5″ drives. On the top, there are two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 Nothing more is needed if you are building a pc primarily for gaming.

You will get dust filters for the power supply and fans so there won’t be much of a dust build up on the components inside meaning longer life and lesser heat.

Vivo Smart V06 mATX chassis has thumb screw mounted to side panels for easy installation and maintenance. But yeah, the design is not very fancy though.

All in all, it’s an inexpensive solution if you want to build a micro ATX pc primarily for gaming only!

  • Designed for Gamers
  • 5 Fans + Liquid Cooling
  • Window Side Panel
  • Up to 330mm VGA card
  • Four Drive Bays & Expansion Slots
  • Inexpensive
  • Design could be Better


3. Thermaltake Versa 3.1

Thermaltake Versa H15 Micro ATX Case
Thermaltake Versa H15 Micro ATX Case


The Thermaltake Versa H15 is another low-cost micro ATX case that has the capability of housing high-end hardware. With support for 240mm liquid cooled radiator and long graphics cards, it is a good option for an above average micro ATX build.

Thermaltake VERSA H15 has enough space and air flow options with the perforated meshed front panel for rapid air intake. It can house one 5.25″ drive along three drive bays for 3.5″ or 2.5″ hard drives. The maximum allowable CPU Cooler height is 155mm and 315mm VGA length.

For maximum air ventilation, you can fit up to five 120mm fans, two on the front, two on the top and one at the rear which comes included in the box. The bottom has heightened foot-stands that lift the case quite a few inches above the ground.

Another plus point for this low price micro ATX case is the easy cable management and tool-free installation that makes the assembly a breeze.

Overall, this is a nice and cheap option for micro ATX case but if you can spend $10-20 more, i would suggest you go for the cases in the previous category.

  • Spacious Interior
  • 155mm CPU Cooler clearance
  • 315mm Graphics Card
  • Five 120mm Fans
  • Cool Free Installation
  • Only 3 drive bays
  • Not so Eye-Catchy



So, that ends my list of best micro atx cases and I am sure that by now you already know which micro ATX case you are going to buy. In case you still have any confusions left, you can go with the my choices and thank me later in comments.

Considering the performance, portability, space and price, according to me, the best overall micro ATX case is Corsair Obsidian 350. For those on a budget, the best affordable micro ATX is Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 3.1. If you are after the looks, then Phanteks Evolv mATX case is the best option for you.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the micro ATX is now becoming the new standard. With the capability of housing powerful components and occupy least possible space, micro ATX will soon be the first choice for most of the gamers. Do you also feel the same? Tell me your opinion about the same in the comments section.

Also, Share your views about your take on the micro ATX cases. Have you used a micro ATX case? Tell us about the experience in the comments section below. What is your favorite case for making your own gaming build? Let’s discuss.


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