Best Mini ITX Case 2024 | Best ITX Case to Build Small Form Factor PC

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Looking forward to building your own gaming PC or HTPC but do not have much space? Well, I am aware of the struggle. All you need is a Small Form factor (SFF) case that can house a beast of a PC in a compact space.

To make your task a little easier, I did the research and listed out the best Mini ITX Case of 2024. But before you make your choice, it is important to understand the difference between mini ITX, micro ATX and ATX cases.

For those in hurry, here are my top three recommendations you can choose without having to worry about anything else.

In last few years, the small form factor pc cases have become extremely popular. And, we are seeing more compact & slim cases yet they do not compromise on the power required for heavy-duty gaming.

In fact, some of the modern mini itx cases  can be fitted with full-size GPUs, high-end motherboards and top-rated cooling systems without making your gaming rig look bulkier at all.

With that said, I think it is time to cut the chase and go straight to our list of top mini ITX cases you can buy in 2024. We have reviewed these Small form factor (SFF) cases according to the different budget categories so that you can easily know what is the best itx case you can buy in your budget.

Best Mini ITX Case 2024 – Overall List

CategoryBest ITX CasesLatest Price on AMAZON
Mini ITX Cases
Under $200
NZXT Manta SFF CaseCheck Price
Thermaltake Core P1Check Price
Silverstone FT30B MiniCheck Price
Phanteks Evolv ShiftCheck Price
Mini ITX Cases
Under $100
Phanteks Enthoo EvolvCheck Price
BitFenix Prodigy Mini ITX CaseCheck Price
Thermaltake Suppresor F1Check Price
Corsair Obsidian 250DCheck Price
BitFenix Portal Mini ITX caseCheck Price
Mini ITX Cases
Under $50
Cooler Master Elite 110Check Price
Thermaltake Core V1Check Price
Silverstone SG05 LITECheck Price

Remember this Before You Buy a Small Form Factor (SFF) Case

Guys, before you choose one mini itx case for yourself, here are a few quick things that you need to know.

So, now that you have made up your mind to buy an ITX case, let’s get into the detailed reviews of individual cases along with their pros and cons. As mentioned earlier, you can choose your budget option and find what’s the best SFF case you can get for your money.


If you want everything from liquid cooling systems and drive bay expansions to multiple expansion slots in your mini case, then we have got you covered.

With better cable management and room for fuller sized components, all the mitx cases listed in this section can include high-powered intake fans, power supplies, and other components. Believe me, with these cases you can build an ultimate gaming rig.

Check out the best mini itx cases under $200 reviewed by our experts below.

1. NZXT Manta Mini ITX Case


✅ Steel Body Curve Design
✅ Windowed Side Panel
14.2″ GPU Clearance
Dual 280mm Cooling Support
Good Cable Management
Bit Bulky
❌ Expensive

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The NZXT Manta closely resembles a standard ATX case that is shrunk to make it suitable for mITX motherboards. With trendy curved design and ample space for all the heavy gaming components, NZXT Manta is one hell of a SFF case.

Made up of the reinforced curved steel panels, this case gives you maximum rigidity. It also has the largest windowed panel to show off the beasts installed inside this case.

Standing at just 19.4 inches tall, Manta has ample space inside that it can easily fit up to 3 radiators and mount two liquid reservoirs for pretty effective cooling. Added to that is the double space for cable management which is quite impossible in other small form factor PC cases.

This case is suitable for fitting a graphics card up to 363 mm long which is not something to worry. There are two USB 3.0 ports along with audio in/out (3.5 mm) ports. It fully supports a standard ATX power supply and has two expansion slots too.

Also, NZXT Manta comes with two intake case fans 120 mm in size, though, you can add 3 more case fans to it.

Talking about price, it will cost you somewhere between $100-150 which is fine for the features and build quality of NZXT Manta!

2. Thermaltake Core P1


✅ Open Frame Design
✅ 14.96″ GPU Space
True Liquid Cooling Certified
5mm Tempered Glass Window
3-way Placement
Prone to Dust

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If you are a fan of transparent PC cases, Thermaltake Core P1 is a great choice. It’s damn cool design with just two faces and no walls make it one of the unique mini itx case on this list.

Thermaltake Core P1 has open frame chassis build with 5 mm thick tempered glass that protects the components inside. It gives you a panoramic view of your hardware and ease of access as well.

Talking about the ports, Core Thermaltake Core P1 has two USB 3.0 ports and one HD Audio port. It can also host a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 170 mm and graphics card of max length of 380 mm which is quite good if you are planning to build a high-performance mini itx gaming pc.

Thermaltake Core P1 can be used in three different layouts: Wall-mount, vertical and horizontal placements. This makes it one of the most customizable mini ITX pc cases on this list.

Though there is space only for two 120 mm fans and a 240 mm radiator, still the rig is quite ventilated. Above all,  it comes with 3-year manufacturer warranty so you can throw all your worries out of the window.

3. Silverstone FT30B Mini


✅ Super Mini Footprint
✅ Supports SFX Power Supply
2.5mm Aluminum Panels
Mini iTX / DTX supported
❌ No Cable Management Space

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At the third place on our list, Silverstone FT30B is one of the best mini itx case weighing just 13 pounds and measuring 13 x 11 x 19 inches, this is one of the smallest mini ITX case available in this section.

The enclosure is made of steel while the outer shells are built from anodized aluminum panels (2.5 mm thick). If you look closely, this is a reconfigured version of Silverstone Fortress FT03 to make it compatible with mini-ITX motherboards.

Silverstone FT03B Mini supports 140 mm case fans as well as the entry level liquid cooling systems.

Having two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks for both headphone and mic, the FT03B Mini can accommodate up to 10 inches long graphics cards and supports a 3.5-inch drive along with two 2.5-inch drives.

You may be disappointed a little when it comes to cable management because it does not contain any cable connectors, though, there is a removable back cover that allows external cable management.

Our personal recommendation is that if you are someone who likes to grab the system and go to LAN gaming parties, Silverstone FT03B Mini is something you can carry around easily.

4. Phanteks Evolv Shift Mini ITX Case


✅ Compact & Best slim itx case
✅ Air / Liquid Cooling Support
SFX / SFX-L Power Supply Support
Full Metal Body
Tempered Glass Side Panels
AIO Liquid Cooling Support
Limited Space for Components

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Another compact yet powerful case comes in the name of Phanteks Evolv Shift. Phanteks is already a well-known brand when it comes to PC hardware especially the cases and cooling solutions.

The Evolv Shift comes with a full metal body paired with tempered glass panels on both sides. The design is quite futuristic and gonna fetch you some compliments for that.

With the weight of just above 14 pounds and dimensions of 10.8 x 6.7 x 18.5 inches, this case becomes quite slim and portable. But don’t be fooled by the smaller footprint, it can house almost everything you want with innovative design.

Installation is very convenient with 360 degrees accessibility and multiple orientations. The cable management is efficient and all the I/O components are easily reachable.

Phanteks Evolv Shift supports both air and liquid cooling systems. You can use either SFX or SFX-L power supply unit as well. On the front panel, you will get 2 USB 3.0 ports, power button, and RGB LED button.

The only thing about this mini ITX case is that you have to be very precise while buying any of the components you’re going to fit into this case. The space for each of the components is very limited and there is not much margin for errors.

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In case you want to save some bucks, you can choose from our list of best mini itx cases under $100 only.

These mid-range mini itx cases are a great combination of quality and budget. With these, you can enjoy playing some of the modern games or use them for running resource hogging software etc. without having to worry about space as well as performance.

Most of the mini ITX cases in this range support various cooling systems, include enough ventilation and even fit graphics cards up to 13 inches. Being mostly made of aluminum and plastic, they are sturdier too.

So, without further ado, here are the top mini ITX cases under the $100 mark.

1. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Smallest Mini ITX Case with GPU



✅ Full Size Component Support
✅ Sufficient Cable Management
✅ Up to 5 Fans Space
✅ Liquid Cooling Support
Powder Coated Steel Body
Slightly Heavy

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Another amazing Phanteks small form factor pc case is here – Enthoo Evolv. If you want to build a visually impressive gaming rig with an ultimate performance at an affordable cost, Phanteks Enthoo Evolv is the answer.

From liquid cooling support to the beast sized GPU and space for several fans, Enthoo Evolv has it all in a compact black steel package. It weighs under 16 pounds and measures just 14.8 x 17.7 x 9.1 inches.

This mini PC case offers two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks for headphones and mic. As per your configuration, you can choose to have a GPU up to 13 inches in length, up to two 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ drive.

In most mini ITX cases with GPU, cable management is a headache but Enthoo Evolv has sufficient cable management with 28m space as well as velcro ties to make the cables stay where you want them.

Talking about the cooling systems, you can fit as many as five 120 mm fans or five 140 mm fans or one 200 mm fan as per the specifications. It also supports water cooling with an effective mounting system and radiator brackets.

The design is boxy but it is shaped to look better and it comes in the white and black edition.

Overall, Enthoo Evolv is the best Smallest mini itx case with GPU under $100 with all that you will need.

2. BitFenix Prodigy Smallest Mini ITX Case with handle



✅ FibreFlex Material Body
✅ Upto Five 3.5″ HDDs
Upto Nine 2.5″ SSDs
Extremely Customisable
Fits Upto 12.5″ GPU
Compact & Affordable
6 Different Colors
❌ Comparitively Heavier

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This is one of the most popular SFF case amongst the gamers-on-the-go. With a compact shell measuring just 9.8 x 15.9 x 14.1 inches and weighs almost 17 pounds, BitFenix Prodigy is the smallest mini ITX case in 2020.

The futuristically designed case is built with steel but there are no side windows to show off the hardware components. This pc case comes in 6 different color options as well.

For ease of portability, there two handles on the top that extend to the bottom as well to serve as the stand.

There are two standard USB 3.0 ports and the audio i/o ports on the side panel. BitFenix Prodigy case has many customizing options available as per your needs. You can use a modular PSU design along with HDD cage but you can remove it to house a 12.5″ long GPU and 240 mm water cooling radiators.

Apart from that, It can fit up five 3.5″ hard disks or 2.5″ SSDs. For air cooling, there are multiple vents on side panels and bottom and two 120 mm case fans included with this case providing adequate cooling.

Let me remind you that all that comes at an affordable price of under $100 and some of the features you won’t find even in those expensive mini ITX cases.

3. Thermaltake Suppressor F1


✅ Extremely Lightweight
✅ True Liquid Cooling Certified
4 Modular Drive Racks
Dual Expansion Slot for VGA (255mm)
Transparent Top Panel
Up to 200mm Case Fan Support
Fits only 3 Case Fans

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A budget-friendly mini ITX cube case option is Thermaltake Suppressor F1. With simple cubic design and black color, this case is the dark horse on our list of best mini ITX cases 2020.

It weighs just 7 pounds and can fit in very compact space having dimensions 12.6 x 10.2 x 10.9 inches. You will be surprised to know that it can hold up to 4 data storage devices thanks to the modular drive racks. Alongside that, Thermaltake Suppressor F1 boasts of a dual expansion slot for VGA up to 255mm in length.

For delivering great gaming performance, there have to be adequate cooling systems installed. With Thermaltake Suppressor F1, you can install 140 mm case fan and with a little tinkering, you can install a 200 mm fan as well.

The top panel has a transparent window to give you the glimpse of all the RGB show inside. And, the side panels are symmetric and interchangeable.

After having used it for a couple of months, there is no doubt in saying that Thermaltake Suppressor F1 is one of the best budget-friendly mini ITX case of 2019.

4. Corsair Obsidian 250D Mini ITX PC Case


✅ Brushed Aluminum Body
✅ Fits Full Size Components
Windowed Top Panel
5.25″ Optical Drive Support
Ample Cable Space
✅ 200mm Case Fan Support
Not Very Good Design

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If you have used Corsair gaming products, you must be aware of the high-performance components it delivers. One such product is their Obsidian 250D Mini ITX PC case.

With the medium size of 13.8 x 10.9 x 11.4 inches, Obsidian 250D can fit almost all full-size components. In fact, you do not have to sacrifice one component to make space for other components.

According to your requirements, you can simultaneously install two 3.5″/2.5″ drives, two 2.5″ drives, one 5.25″ drive, a full sized PSU, a 290 mm long GPU, and a 240 mm radiator. Shocked? I knew it. In fact, this is the only mini ITX case on this list that supports a 5.25″full-size drive.

With all these components there will be many cables to fight with, but, even after fitting so many components, there is ample cable management space and tie downs.

The design is metallic and simple. On the front panel, you get two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack, a mic jack, power and reset buttons.

Corsair Obsidian 250 D comes with one 140 mm and one 120 mm fan preinstalled on the front and side panels respectively. If you’re facing heating issues you can also swap the front 140 mm fan to 200 mm fan as well. The Rear panel has the support for dual 80 mm fans.

With impressive space and customization options, Corsair Obsidian is the best mini ITX case on the market today.

5. BitFenix Portal White SFX PSU Support Mini ITX Case


✅ Unique Aesthetics
✅ Supports Full size GPU
Good Cable Space
Dual Frame Design
Inverted Motherboard Layout
Liquid Cooling only upto 120mm
❌ No SFX Power Supply

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You might get awestruck with the next ITX case on our list – BitFenix Portal. It’s absolute beauty combined with enough power for a gaming champ. This one is the latest addition to the mini itx series from BitFenix.

The dual frame design made up of premium aluminum makes the installation a breeze. The interior frame can be easily slid out and the components can be installed hassle-free. The exterior frame has a unique top window that compliments the hardware inside.

BitFenix Portal has inverted motherboard design that allows the support for full-length GPU. Measuring 19.1 x 18.35 x 11.5 inches, there is sufficient space for air cooling but installing liquid cooling can be a difficult task. Also, it does not support an SFX power supply unit.

It comes with one 120 mm air intake fan as well as an 80 mm exhaust fan to efficiently control all the heat being generated in the small space. You can use a 2.5″ hard drive along with two 3.5″ hard drives with this ITX case.

Price just under $100, it is a great choice who wants the taste of both worlds – unique design and good performance. but if you are an extreme gamer, you may want to give it a pass!


Tight on the budget? Don’t worry. You can still get a good mini itx case for as low as just $50. Though you may have to sacrifice some of the fuller size components, their smaller counterparts will fit right in.

These have small form factor and still, support both air and liquid cooling systems. For gaming needs, they can also easily contain graphics cards up to 11 inches in length.

As prices are low so there are not many options to choose from. Most of these cases are the affordable versions of their premium counterparts.

Here are the best mini ITX cases you can buy under $50.

1. Cooler Master Elite 110 Cool Mini ITX Case


✅ Portable Small Design
✅ Extremely Lightweight
Very Affordable
Good Air Flow
❌ Not Suitable for Full Size Components

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The first itx case in this section is Cooler Master Elite 110. The engineers at Cooler Master never fail to impress with their products that cheap as well as serve the purpose without many hiccups.

At a miniature size of 10.3 x 8.2 x 11.1 inches, Cooler Master Elite 110 weighs just 6 pounds that makes it an extremely lightweight and best portable mini ITX case.

Due to the size limitations, you may have to give an extra eye before buying the components that go with it.

Please note that it can be fitted with GPU up to 8.3 inches. There are four drive bays of 2.5″ size while three drive bay for 3.5″ size but there is no support of the 5.25″ drive. The max height for the CPU cooler is 3 inches and the PSU size is limited to 5.6″ long.

But that does not mean the performance will have any limitations. Obviously, it may not match the high-end gaming rigs, but at the said budget, you can say it is satisfactory.

2. Thermaltake Core V1 SFF Case


✅ Entire Steel Body
✅ Compact Cube Design
Advanced Ventilation
True Liquid Cooling Support
Noise Reduction Chassis
Heavier for its Size

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This case is Thermaltake’s answer to Cooler Master Elite 110. The Thermaltake Core V1 is quite similar to the Cooler Master Elite 110 in terms of size and specifications.

While most of the ITX cases are built with aluminum but Thermaltake Core V1 is entirely built with steel. This has two main benefits – first, steel makes this case sturdier and, second, it helps in noise reduction as well. So, with Core V1, you will experience a more silent PC than others.

This small PC case offers two USB 3.0 ports and separate audio i/o jacks. It can easily accommodate two 3.5″ and two 2.5″ drives. Just like the previous one, Thermaltake Core V1 also has dual expansion slots for GPUs up to 255 mm in length.

With enough room for a 200 mm fan (pre-installed) on the front panel and two 80 mm fans on the rear, this mini ITX case can support both air and liquid cooling systems.

A transparent viewing window is present on the top panel for displaying the components inside. The side panels are interchangeable just like the Cooler Master Elite 110.

If you are not much into carrying the case around and want a silent gaming rig, then Thermaltake Core V1 is one of the best airflow mini ITX case for you.

3. Silverstone SG05 LITE Computer SFF Case


✅ Lightweight & Portable
✅ Positive Pressure Cooling
Increased Vented Space
Supports SFX Power Supply
Very Cheap
Not Suitable for Full-size Components

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Last, in this section, the Silverstone SG05 LITE is a quite good choice for its budget. Actually, it is the miniaturized version of the Silverstone SG05 offering almost same features at less than half the cost.

Silverstone SG05 LITE is compatible with both mini ITX as well as mini DTX motherboards. Though the design is not very eye candy, you can definitely build a high-powered gaming PC out of it.

Measuring 11 x 10 x 14 inches, it can support graphics cards up to 10 inches long and the 2.5″/3.5″ hard drives. Also, if you want to fit a CPU cooler inside, make sure it is less than 82 mm in height. In mini itx gaming cases, every millimeter is very important.

Another thing to notice about this mini ITX case is that it supports SFX power supply unit, though, the same comes pre-installed in the native SG05 case.

The SG05 Lite comes with a 120 mm case fan pre-installed on the front panel that ensures positive pressure cooling. The front and side panels have enough vented space for increased ventilation.

FAQs About Mini ITX Case

What is the best Mini Itx case?

NZXT Manta is best mini ITX case available in 2020. It is 19.4 inches tall, has two expansion slots and supports upto 363 mm long graphic card.

What is the smallest mini itx case?

The smallest mini itx case is BitFenix Prodigy. Built with built with FibreFlex material, it is can fit 12.5

Is ITX the same as as Mini ITX?

Actually, Mini ITX is a type of ITX motherboard. ITX is the category of motherboards which stands for Information Technology Extended. This includes three types - Mini ITX, Nano ITX, Pico ITX.

Is mini ITX good for gaming?

Yes, mini ITX can be used to build a good gaming PC. Though, it is only advised if you particularly need a compact and portable gaming PC


After going through all the mini itx cases on our list, I am sure you must have got the best option for you as per your budget.

However, the small form factor case means lesser space inside, so while assembling your mini-itx case, you got to be very precise about the cable lengths and sizes of the components that are going to fit in there.

Be sure any of the cases you buy, they must be capable of housing the components you are eyeing for. A standard ITX case is made for the mini ITX motherboard developed by VIA Technologies (source: wikipedia) but you need to double check the size of GPU, Power supply and case fans etc.

With that said, let me just mention the summary of this article in brief so that you can make a choice if you haven’t yet.

Looking at all the things like performance, portability and price, the best overall mini ITX case is Phanteks Enthoo Evolv while the best premium mini ITX case is NZXT Manta. For those on a budget, the best mini ITX case is Corsair Obsidian 250D.

Mini ITX cases are becoming more and more performance oriented day by day. And with the more powerful components being engineered in smaller sizes, you can expect these mITX cases replace the mainstream cases very soon.

The only thing I am waiting for it to have manufacturers make more and more mini ITX compatible components so that we can unleash the potential these smaller PCs.

Share your views about your take on the Best mini ITX case You have picked. Have you used a ITX case before? Tell us about the experience in the comments section below.

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