Best MMO Mouse 2024 | Ultimate Guide

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What’s the best mouse for MMO Games? To answer this question, I personally tested 20+ mice and selected the best MMO gaming mouse that you can buy right now!

List of Best MMO Mice in 2024

I have considered the performance, macros customization ability and ease of access to rank them in the table below.

PreviewMMO MouseButtonsDPIWireless / WiredLatest Price on Amazon
Razer mmo mouseRazer Naga Epic Chroma12 buttons8,200 Max DPIWireless + WiredCheck Price
Logitech mmo mouseLogitech G60012 buttons8,200 Max DPIWiredCheck Price
Corsair mmo mouseCorsair Scimitar Pro12 buttons16,000 Max DPIWiredCheck Price
best budget mmo mouseUtechSmart Venus18 buttons8,200 DPIWiredCheck Price
best mmorpg mouseRoccat Tyon14 buttons8,200 DPIWiredCheck Price
Best Laser MMO Gaming mouseRedragon M990 Legend16 buttons16,400 Max DPIWiredCheck Price
Best wired MMO mouseRazer Naga Trinity2 / 7 / 12 buttons16,000 Max DPIWiredCheck Price


Today I am going to talk about a specific gaming accessory for those who love playing World of Warcraft, MMORPG or MOBA games – its an MMO mouse.

Those of you who don’t know what an MMO mouse is, it’s a special gaming mouse with keys on the side of it for the fast control for triggering macros and shortcuts.

If you play MOBA or MMORPG games, an MMO mouse is necessary. Why? Because many games require a lot of multiple and frequent clicking. Having an MMO mouse, you can do this a lot quicker and gain the lead against your strong competitors.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the detailed reviews of best MMO gaming mouse available in the market now.

1. Razer Naga Epic Chroma – Best Wireless MMO Mouse


Razer Naga Epic Chroma

✅ Light weight
✅ Good battery life
Also has Wireless mode
Programmable buttons
High reponse rate
Too Expensive

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Razer Naga Epic Chroma is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Moving on to the dimensions, Razer Naga Epic has a length of 4.69 inches with a width of 2.95 inches and a height coming in about 1.69 inches. Now the thumb grid is roughly 1 inch in width and a 1.5 inch in length.

The weight of this mouse is 0.33 pounds which makes it a light-weight MMO gaming mouse. The mouse is very comfortable to use throughout the day and Razer states that it is a one size fits all ergonomic designs. I am not sure about other hand sizes, but this Razer MMO mouse definitely fits my massive hand pretty much awesome.

Now I am going to give you the rundown of the very long list of features which I will try my best to summarize as much as possible.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent feature of the Naga, the one that makes this MMO mouse stand out from the rest and that is the 12 programmable button grid. I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of having the 12 button mouse, I feel like 9 may be the sweet spot for an MMO gaming mouse since for the most part. It is easier to navigate around 3 rows instead of 4, but in the end, you are using this for MMOs, so the truth is, the more buttons, the better.

This mouse is very nicely sized, not too big, but most importantly not too small. Same applies to the buttons which are just about a quarter of an inch in size that makes them very easy to locate when you are using it.

These buttons are mechanical switches which help to press them very accurately. They do have tactile feedback so you can actually feel when you reach that actuation point which is also backed up by a delightful light clicking sound.

My favorite thing in this mouse is a very small but important detail, and it is the curvature on the grid itself. You will notice that each individual button is slanted away from one another that makes it possible for you to differentiate between buttons, and it means you spend less amount of time in looking at the mouse rather hitting your targets in gaming.

This mouse has 8,200 DPI 4G laser sensor. It captures up to 200 inches per second. That sounds awesome, but what does it mean? After looking into it, it’s not something that the average gamer will notice because DPI can only matter so much after a certain degree, so whether it’s 800 or 8000 you still have accurate experience which this mouse definitely delivers.

If you want low or high sensitivity or if you love the acceleration, the Naga can handle it perfectly. It allows you to tweak into the software and through shortcuts on the mouse itself. I have checked this mouse on various mouse pad surfaces and it works fine on all of them.

Razer Naga has a battery life of approximately 20 hours, it’s amazing, especially for those who enjoy frequent long hours of gaming sessions. There are two ways to charge this mouse, one is through the braided USB cable and the second way is by using the charging dock.

The charging dock also serves as the wireless receiver and it works very well. Razer states that the Naga has a response rate of 1ms which means you won’t have any noticeable lag. The wireless connection on this mouse is solid and you can actually depend on its durability.

You can operate Razer Naga in wireless mode or wired mode. If you want a mouse that functions fully wireless, check out my recent roundup of gaming wireless mouse.

Overall, I do agree, it’s a bit overpriced but as they say, You have to pay for the great quality and no doubt Razer Naga fulfill all the needs of the MMO gamers and become the best MMO wireless mouse in the market.

2. Logitech G600 Review

Logitech G600

✅ Great Quality and Durability
Extra Buttons
Highly Customizable
Big and Heavy
Easy DPI Switching
Occasional Software Lag

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This Logitech MMO mouse has a crazy amount of buttons and an absurd amount of features. It is really designed for playing MMO games, but you can also use it for strategy gaming or even twitch gaming if you like.

I am pretty picky about my mouse, it often takes me several tries to find that I really like if I am looking for upgrade or replacement. That being said, I think the G600 is the winner, so let’s take a look. But before we begin, I just want to say that I am using this mouse for quite more than a month and I can speak with a bit of authority on the subject.

Logitech G600 shares a lot in common with many of the multi-button gaming mice in the market. When you roll the mouse wheel, it has a subtle bump.

There are two buttons available on the mouse to adjust the DPI settings. These settings can also be changed in the Logitech programme giving you the flexibility of how you use it.

There are 12 buttons on the side, these are initially mapped to the top numbered keys on the keyboard. For gaming, these keys can also be reprogrammed through Logitech software.

The buttons on the sides are angled and textured so that you can find a way around easily. The buttons are lit with RGB lighting.

The cable for this Logitech MMO mouse is long and braided. There is not much else to say here other than the fact that I have not any issues looping it around my desk to the computer’s back panel.

Till now the mouse is so far pretty standard, however, one of the things that people will notice about this mouse is the addition of the third click button on the right. By default, this button doesn’t have the direct function but instead work as the modifier of the 12 side buttons, look it up like holding Shift key plus a button.

If we talk about grips, this is an MMO mouse for big hands. I have said before that I have huge hands and finding a mouse with the right grip, that is a grip with your palm resting on the mouse rather than on the fingertips has been hard. However, if you are someone that like the fingertip grip this is probably the mouse you don’t like.

Logitech G600 is a heavy MMO mouse. I personally like a heavy mouse because I find an easier time controlling it.

When you give a closer look at the surface of the mouse it has two large friction pads, I actually love this as this gives the mouse more gliding surface as compared to the other MMO mice.

Logitech has a programme that lets you control all the added feature on their products. You have to install this software to change all the button mappings, profile, and all the RGB lighting settings.

Having 20 buttons in total, this is simply fantastic if you play extensive key binding games just like World of Warcraft.

Overall, Logitech G600 is yet another best mouse for wow games which is affordable as well.

3. Corsair Scimitar Pro Review

Corsair Scimitar Pro

✅ Good optical sensor
✅ Appropriate for multiple Grip styles
Highly Customizable
Great ergonomics
Compatible with CUR software
Little bit heavy

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The Scimitar Pro RGB from Corsair is one of the most popular MMO gaming mouse in the market these days. And for good reasons, it has abundant programmable buttons, a high-level customization, a great sensor and its good design makes it a very competitive mouse for MMO gaming segment.

Even if we talk about original Scimitar RGB launched in early 2016, it has also some positive conclusions for MMO gamers, mainly the closely packed side buttons.

Now a little over a year later, Corsair is refreshing its Scimitar RGB with Scimitar Pro RGB. On the exterior, it looks identical, but it has some changes under the hood. Is that enough to keep it relevant for the MMO Gamers or has corsair played things a little bit too safe? Let’s find out.

With the new Scimitar Pro, you get two satisfying primary clicks and an excellent scroll wheel although none of them is a surprise coming from Corsair. The most important feature of the Scimitar is the macro pad on the mouse side featuring 12 mechanical buttons.

As with the Scimitar RGB, the side buttons can be moved horizontally with the X screw at the bottom to allow the fine tuning with your hand. Each key of the grid is fully programmable through the software.

Now let’s talk further about What has changed in between Scimitar RGB & Scimitar RGB PRO?

In Short, a sensor upgrade. The Scimitar PRO RGB incorporates 16000 DPI Optical sensor for ultra fast-tracking of the High sensitivity Strokes. It’s a heavy mouse with a weight of 147 grams, pretty much good for the hardcore MMO gamers.

The side buttons are all close together and sometimes hard to distinguish. There is not much change in the PRO version, all of them are just minor changes with a refresh of the higher price tag which I really don’t like.

This Corsair MMO mouse is still very versatile for its intended market. Corsair’s CUE software is extremely powerful with full customization of the RGB lighting as well as for all the other features you have come to expect from Corsair software suite.

Overall, Scimitar Pro is definitely a worthy option for playing the MMO games, but I still suggest to take a look at the previous version before buying this gaming mouse with side buttons.

4. UtechSmart Venus Laser – Budget MMO Mouse

UtechSmart Venus Laser

✅ Avago Laser Sensor
18 Programmable Buttons
5 DPI Levels (16400 Max)
Budget Friendly
Saveable Button Profiles
❌ Not So Durable
Software can be confusing

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With 18 programmable buttons, 5 saveable profiles and unique claw grip design, the UtechSmart Venus stands fouth on the this list of top mmo mouse.

For tracking, the UtechSmart Venus uses a special laser sensor named the Avago sensor offering highly precise laser tracking of your mouse movements.

Unlike most of the mice I have used, the UtechSmart Venus is an MMO mouse for small hands and supports claw grip style better. On the right side of this mouse, you get a 12 button grid which can be remapped to any of the actions according to your MMO games.

It uses Omron micro switches for the precise button click. The buttons have a contoured design so that you can distinguish between them without having to look at your mouse.

The UtechSmart Venus allows you to save 5 custom button-profiles. If you play different MMO games (like me), you can simply save various button configurations for each game and switch between them with a push a button available on the rear side of the mouse.

The scroll wheel is illuminated with RGB lighting and has a rubberized grip for extra comfort. Right below the scroll wheel, you get two DPI buttons. This MMO mouse gives you the freedom to choose from highly precise 50DPI to blazing fast 16,400 DPI. Now, that’s exactly what an MMO gamer like me would want.

Among other features, you get 1000Hz polling rate, 12000 FPS and 30G acceleration with this MMO mouse. That’s not it, you get all these features without having to dig deep into your pockets.

After testing this mouse thoroughly, I would say the UtechSmart Venus is the best budget MMO mouse you can afford in 2024.

5. Roccat Tyon


✅ Great ergonomics and build quality
✅ Fully programmable buttons
Easy Shift[+] for secondary button commands
Excellent scroll wheel with laser sensor
Easy software driven
No optical version
Driver UI slightly crammed

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I have noticed that gaming peripherals from Roccat have been slowly saturating in the North American market. The company stands behind quality designs with excellent response from gamers on all forms of the product but especially with their mice.

One of their latest mice is the Roccat Tyon, a well placed and competitive mouse that will for sure attract a lot of attention despite the high price tag. So let’s take a detailed look at the Roccat Tyon mouse.

Everything from the comfortable thumb rests with coarse texture to keep a solid grip and the appropriate height of the Tyon are all indicators that Roccat knows what they doing within this category of MMO mouse.

All the ergonomics of the mouse are well executed with a solid structure at the 126 grams, this seems to be the perfect balance between offering a comfortable handling experience regardless if you are switching from a lighter or a much heavier mouse.

The button layout and execution is also very impressive, all the usual buttons have a great actuation, primary left and right click travel easy enough and do not allow accidental presses. The scroll wheel is by far the best I have tried plus it is light enough to be pressed without disturbing your grip or aim during the game.

The angular shape of the buttons helps you find every button quickly and naturally. One of the best buttons additions on the Tyon is the Easy-Shift[+] underneath your thumb position, this allows secondary commands to be mapped on to all your buttons when the Easy-Shift[+] is active adding tons of extra functionalities to your mouse.

The ROCCAT Tyon has a Laser Sensor R3 with up to 8,200 DPI, If you have a Rocca Keyboard then surely you will get extra complementing productivity of this mouse. However, with some quick button mapping, you could eliminate the use of the keyboard entirely for a lot of functions, both for gaming and awesome productivity.

Overall, I highly recommend the Roccat Tyon for all users in the market for a mouse that practically has it all the features you will require to play MMO games.

6. Redragon M990 Legend

Redragon M990 Legend

✅ Tones of Buttons
A lot of RGB lights
Removable weights
Limited RGB effects
❌ Stiff Buttons

Buy on Amazon

The Next pick in the list of best MMO mouse for gaming is especially for those gamers who are on a budget and want a professional gaming MMO mouse. It’s Redragon M990 legend, which is an appealing peripheral that can enhance your gameplay of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

Enough said, now let’s check out the detailed review of the mouse. The left side of the mouse has 16 programmable buttons for all your MMO needs. You get 4 columns of 4 buttons on each column. The 8 in the front and 8 in the back are paired up and tilt inward to make it easy for you to distinguish where each button is.

Like all most MMO multi-button gaming mice, the left side doesn’t feature any rubber padding for grip. So, if you do play on a low DPI and you lift your mouse to play around as I do, there is a chance that you might lose your grip.

On the right side, you get a good soft grip and a ring finger wrest. The shape of the right side of the mouse does feel very comfortable and all your fingers have a place to sit, and I must say they do sit quite comfortable.

At the front of the Redragon, you get the standard left and a right mouse click button. There is also an additional button on the right, this is very handy when you want an additional key for quick and easy access.

The scroll wheel of the mouse is RGB illuminated and has an arrow textured grip. The grip does an okay job, but it is quite smooth so you could over scroll sometimes. Then just behind the scroll, you get 4 buttons, first 2 are your DPI up and down switches, they let you cycle through 5 DPI levels which you can change in the software. Each DPI level has a dedicated color as well to let you know on which DPI level are you on.

The buttons just behind your DPI switches are for your 5 lighting modes. The last button behind the scroll wheel is the profile switcher, that lets you switch between the 5 profiles that you go and set in software.

The top of the mouse is soft smooth surface and it can pick up the dust very easily, so you have to clean it every time.  You also get the RGB strips on the side of the mouse and around the scroll wheel, on the palm position, you get the RGB Redragon logo.

The red and a black braided cable has a length of 1.8 meters with a gold plated USB connector. The surface of the mouse is made up of aluminum construction. There are also two small glide pads on the front and the single large one at the back.

In the middle of the mouse, you get the Eva Gado ADNS 9800 laser sensor that allows you to adjust the resolution from 50 to all the way up to 16400 DPI.

Last but not least you have 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8) underneath the surface of the mouse to adjust the weight of the mouse according to your needs in the gaming.

Overall, I can say the Reddragon M990 mouse is very handy for the MMO games where you have tons of abilities and you have to use quickly one of them.

7. Razer Naga Trinity MMO Gaming Mouse


Razer Naga Trinity

✅ Light Weight
✅ Comes with 3 interchangeable side plates
High DPI
Good quality and durability

Buy on Amazon

Naga is the most popular mouse among the players of World of Warcraft because it fulfills almost every need of an MMO gaming player. Before the launch of Razer Naga Trinity, there were a lot of debates going around between “Naga Chroma vs Naga Hex”, and luckily Razer put the full stop on all of those with the launch of their customizable gaming mouse, Naga Trinity.

It’s a three in one mouse with 3 side adjustments. We are looking at a mouse that’s targeting all manner of gaming enthusiasts. This mouse supports Razer’s 5G optical sensor with 16,000 DPI, with emphasis on both precision and speed.

On the outer side, we have a scroll wheel significantly clickier than the previous chroma edition I was using. And there are traditional buttons underneath to adjust DPI and sensitivity. Till now, it’s all kind of same as the traditional gaming mouse, but the real magic is happening on the left side of this mouse.

This Razer MMO mouse is bundled with 3 side buttons separate attachments, a standard 2 button, 7 buttons and 12 buttons. It is actually making the Naga Trinity a three in one special. Each of the attachments serves a unique purpose.

  • 2 Button Configuration: This configuration is going to be loved by the content creators and the power productivity houses who need to get the work done & need an accurate mouse to help them get there.
  • 7 Buttons Configuration: This 7 Button configuration really shines within the realm of eSports titles and MOBAs like League of legends and overwatch. Both these games use an array of buttons in addition to the standard mouse buttons like a left and right mouse click.
  • 12 Button Mouse Configuration: This configuration is best suited for the players of MMO and MMORPG games where you require to do a lot of quick actions with the help of buttons.

All the different configurations it holds makes it the best MMO gaming mouse. There are not many companies out there that pay attention to the details and design of the gaming mouse, but with Razer, you usually pay for the premium quality construction and innovation.

Now all of you will be asking, How Razer Naga Trinity handles in games? My answer to that question would be, LIKE A PRO. As I play overwatch with its 7 button configuration panel, I must say, this has made my life a lot easier.

Overall, Razer Naga Trinity is a jack of all trades kind of mouse where it performs exceptionally well in different gaming environments. Is this the best MMO mouse? BIG YES, this is one of the very best MMO mice currently out there in the market and has already occupied its best selling tag on Amazon.[/su_expand]

Buying Guide: How to Choose an MMO Mouse?


Choosing the right sensor for tracking is a very important part while buying MMO mouse. There are two types of tracking technologies used in a mouse, laser tracking and optical tracking. Some of the gaming mouse available in the market have both. Laser sensor mouse can track well on any type of surface, on the other hand, the optical sensor mouse finds difficulty in tracking over a translucent surface.


DPI stands for “Dots-per-inch”. It is also an important characteristic of MMO gaming mouse. Many gamers think that the mouse with High DPI is good against those which are having low DPIs, but it is all wrong because the sensors inside some of the MMO mouse are not designed for High DPIs.

There is no hard and fast rule that only the MMO mouse with high DPI is good for the gaming, moreover, it can be seen that mouse with mid-range DPIs are more suitable and liked by the MMO gamers.

When it comes to selecting the right DPI, another factor that plays an important role is what surface you are using the mouse on and what type of mouse pad you are using to play the MMO games. It can affect the performance of your gaming MMO mouse on a large scale.

Macro Creation & Software

Before you buy an MMO mouse, you should check for the Macro creation. It shouldn’t be hard to make a macro through software provided along with the mouse itself. Macro’s creation on an MMO mouse gives you a scope of having different configuration profiles that you can switch from while playing a different type of games.

The software comes along with the MMO mouse doesn’t have to be difficult to operate. Make sure you can configure all the DPI settings and map all the programmable buttons in an easy manner. To get the detail information about the macros of a particular mouse you can check the manual that came along with your MMO gaming mouse.

Buttons and Ease of Use

There is no doubt in saying that the more buttons, the better. A good gaming MMO mouse should have at least 12 programmable buttons for the better gameplay. The more buttons you can reach to with your thumb, the more combinations you have and indirectly it will ease your gameplay of MMO games.

However, You cannot classify a mouse as a good MMO gaming mouse just because it has a large number of programmable buttons, there is much more stuff that play an important role in classifying the best MMO mouse and it is called ease of access and use.

How comfortably your thumb can reach to all the programmable buttons without any problem is called ease of access and how comfortable is your hand grip on the mouse is called ease of use. So these are the few things that you should keep in mind before buying a mouse for MMO games.

FAQ about MMO mice and gaming

Most of you have some useful and important questions in your mind about the main subject of the article. So hereafter I am answering all of them in brief.

Question 1: I have been looking for a perfect mouse for playing WOW games, Which one would you recommend?

Well, if you are just a noob and started playing MMO games from quite a while, then I shouldn’t suggest you focus more on buying an MMO mouse. Rather understand the specific needs of MMO games and try to enjoy them with your regular mouse. Once you know of your basic requirements then only dig down the subject of getting the specific mouse for it. On the other hand, if you are not new to the MMO games then you can surely place your bet on Logitech G600 as your MMO mouse for playing MMORPG.

Question 2: Do I really need to buy MMO mouse to beat my strong opponents in the multiplayer online environment?

Certainly no, You can play without an MMO mouse and beat the high skill gamers. But the fact cannot be denied, an MMO mouse does help in improving the capabilities and the quality of your gameplay.

Final Verdict

So, till now you have read all the reviews of the best MMO mouse available in 2024 and I hope after reading this article you can decide which one is best suitable for your needs.

And, if you are yet not able to decide which MMO mouse is best for you, then you can simply go with my personal recommendations which are as follows.

What is the best MMO mouse?

You can buy the Razer Naga Trinity which is the best overall MMO mouse for gaming or the Corsair Scimitar Pro if you have enough budget. In case you are low on budget, go for the Logitech G600 – the best budget MMO mouse.

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