How to Clean a Mousepad (SteelSeries, Cloth, Plastic, Rubber & Metal)

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So often we see a drop in the performance of the new Mousepad we bought a couple of months before.

But do you wonder why?

Because of all this while, you were gaming on it for months dropping all the food supplies you were enjoying during gaming, such as spilling of the tea or any of your favorite gaming beverage.

If that’s the case, then my friend it is the time to clean your mouse pad properly.

But before you do anything stupid that can actually screw your mouse pad surface, let me tell you that there are proper ways to clean a mouse pad surface which entirely depends on the type of mouse pad you have.

Cleaning Mouse Pad based on the type of Mouse pad surface

It is very important to know what material or type of mouse pad you are using before starting the actual process of washing a mouse pad.

A wrong choice of the process can screw your mouse pad surface leaving you the only choice to buy a new mouse pad instead, which I don’t think is acceptable for you.

Based on the type of mousepads, here are the best ways to clean a mousepad without screwing it up.

Cleaning a Plastic and Rubber Mouse Pad

How do we clean a mouse pad made up of Plastic and Rubber? The best way to do it is with the wipes. Most of the mousepad surfaces are wipe-friendly.

A gentle rub of the baby wipe is more than enough to clear the sticky oil grease from the mouse pad surface, and after that, you can double rub it with a dry cloth to give it a final touch.

If anyhow the above method doesn’t give you the satisfactory result then you can try cleaning your mousepad with the cloth towel, a wipe of warm damp cloth will clean your mouse pad properly.

Cleaning a mouspad with cloth

Washing a Cloth Mouse Pad

I personally use a cloth mouse pad (prefer it to be clean) and whenever my friends visit to my house, they always ask, Phillip, how to clean a cloth mouse pad just like you do, so clean.

No doubt, cloth type mouse pads need more love and care. But the process of washing a cloth mouse pad is relatively simpler than other types of the mouse pad.

There are two ways to clean a cloth mousepad.

Washing a cloth Mousepad in the sink

In this method, you have filled the sink with the warm water and add a little bit of soap in it. Now put your mouse pad inside the water and let it be inside the water for 2-3 minutes depending on the condition of your mouse pad is in.

To remove the dense stains you may have to scrub it a little bit but eventually, all the stains will go and the surface will get clean.

washing a cloth mouse pad

Cleaning a cloth mouse pad in the Washing machine

Another way to clean your cloth mousepad is to give a machine washing. But keep in mind the fact that many mouse pads have rubber surface for better grip. Washing them inside the warm water in the machine can damage the rubber surface.

So it is advisable not to give a machine wash in the hot water instead use Luke warm water.

How do you clean your large cloth mousepad? It is not possible to immerse the large cloth mouse pad fully inside the sink. In that case, you can wash your large mousepad in the tub with the shampoo as a cleaner.

Machine washing a mouse pad

Important: Air-dries your mouse pad in the warm place to protect it from all the irreparable damage.

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Cleaning Metal Mousepads

Out of every mouse pad type, the metal mousepads are way much easier to clean or maintain. The smooth surface of the metal repels almost every liquid or dirt on it.

Keeping all the qualities of the metal surface in mind, the quick wipe with the damp cloth is enough to clear the mouse pad. And if you want the shining back then you can go one step further to clean it with the all-purpose cleaner.

Cleaning Steelseries Mousepad

Why I am including Steelseries mousepads separately. In short, this is the question asked by one of the members of the Glinkster community.

  1. Check the type of fabric of your mouse pad.
  2. Take a bowl and fill it with hot water and mix it up with soap.
  3. Immerse your Mousepad.
  4. Gently rub to remove the stains.
  5. After that rinse the mouse pad.
  6. Air your Mousepad out.

Other Conditions You Have

Anti Fray Cloth Surface

Gaming Mousepads comes in different sizes and shapes for better durability and longevity. One such type of mouse pad we are talking is Corsair MM300 mouse pad which has the anti-fray cloth surface that makes the cleaning easy.

The stitched edges of this mouse pad protect it from surface peeling and make it eligible for the deep cleaning inside the washing machine.

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad
Anti Fray Cloth Surface of Corsair MM300

Normal Beverage Spills

Gaming is all about enjoying and when you have one of those intense gaming sessions with your friend, you just cannot simply resist yourself from having a party.

And having a party invites a lot of drinking and eating. If ever you find a soft drink leaked into your mousepad, then don’t panic.

Grab the cloth or a wipe and soak the maximum liquid out of the mouse pad as quickly as possible. Don’t just wipe off the liquid as it indirectly invites more moisture to the area.

Once you fully soaked the liquid on the cloth, after that the further process to clean a mouse pad depends on the type of surface of your mouse pad.

Mouse Pad cleaning with osrs cleaning cloth

Can I use Chemicals to clean a Mousepad?

It is not recommended to use any of the chemicals in your house to wash or clean your mouse pad as it can degrade the quality of the surface.

But the use of mild soap or shampoo is acceptable for cleaning the mouse pad.

Conclusion – the Best way to clean a Mousepad

Some mouse pads can work absolutely fine without cleaning for months. But after a particular interval of time, you will find the decrease in sensitivity and precision.

If you know how to take care of your mouse pad and clean it before it got defected, you can save your few bucks. It is always advisable to clean your mousepad once in a week with a dry cloth to clear the dirt particles.

In case you spill any beverage on your mouse pad then the best way to clean it is in the tub or a sink with the Luke warm water and shampoo.

A clean mouse pad can also increase the performance of your gaming mice.

Few Important Things to Keep in Mind

  1. You should never use a wet mousepad, let it dry first after a wash and then you can use it for your gaming. The wet mouse pad can cause damage to your mouse as well as the table.
  2. During the process of cleaning a mouse pad, you should also remove the dust from the mouse ball too. For this purpose, you can use soft cotton to clean the hollow area.
  3. If your mouse pad doesn’t seem okay after the proper cleaning, don’t hesitate to buy a new mousepad because a ripped mousepad can degrade the performance of your mouse.

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